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This episode is sponsored by gusto payroll and benefits are heart especially when you're a small business gusto is making payroll benefits and hr easy for modern small business to help support the show gusto is offering our listeners and exclusive limited time deal sign up today and you'll get three months free once you run your first payroll just go to gusto dot com slash talks right air i'm josh ellis seat editor in chief of success magazine and welcome to another success sox are you living up to eur true potential our guest today would say probably not don't worry he is insane that you can't just that you probably are looking at it the wrong way but i won't give everything away yet i will let sean acre tell you more sean is one of the world's leading experts on happiness success and potential his research graced the cover of harvard business review and his ted talk is one of the most popular of all time with over fifteen million views sean spent twelve years at harvard before bringing this research to nearly half the fortune one hundred the pentagon impoverished schools in africa and even the white house now he is putting his uncanny research skills to were once again but this time taking it beyond happiness and looking at our potential as human beings what he found will undoubtedly surprise you but you can read all about it in his brand new book big potential how transforming the pursuit of success raises our achievement happiness and wellbeing so without further ado sean thank you for joining us on success talks josh thank you so much for having me on always great to catch up sean is the happiness guy great columnist in success magazine an dear friend sean what made you take a deeper look at our potential is human beings what spurred this book essentially it's a bit of a departure for you it has and i'm so excited to get a share it's a thank you especially with the success community because over the past few years as i've worked with success and gone to share my research there one of the things that i noticed you know i've i've been doing this happiness research now for more than a decade and what i realised as we got some of the results back from the cdc is the during that period of time.

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