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Know them in the NFL and radio and television world, Peter schrager from good morning football and Fox in a fell on Sundays Andrew pearl off formerly of the Dan Patrick show now beginning his own show on CBS sports radio starting next week. A little round table where we just sort of supposed to be a little 2021 year in review went off the rails and it's just a big pop culture sports mishmash of every topic you can imagine and it's too many to name. So just check it out. Give it a listen last year. Did in depth sports media yearend review pod with Andrew Martian and John O ran two weeks ago, Trey akman was on this podcast three weeks ago, Stanford Steve. If you missed any of those, go into the archives, check them out, subscribe, rate and review. All right, let's not waste any time. Round table time now, with Peter schrager and Andrew parlor right here on the SI media podcast. All right, joining me now. We're making this an annual tradition. We did this the last week of 20 or 21. Now, let's take a 2020. Now we're doing it in the last week of 2021. Two of my good buddies who are on the podcast periodically. We've got the very busy Peter schrager from good morning football and Fox and Andrew pearl off who just left the DP show going out in his own traeger Andrew happy new year. Happy holidays. Thanks for doing this. How the hell are you shrinks? Oh, I'm so good. I love seeing you guys. I hope this is an annual tradition because I thought we had a blast last time. And good things on the horizon, Jimmy, you're podcast is on fire. You had the most viral tweet of the weekend tweeting out the Belichick new year's resolution story. I saw 11,000 retweets and I know for you, we're all about clicks, baby. That's great stuff. It's all about a little it's all about getting some attention. New show, you and Maggie, great people and 2022 is going to be our year fellows. I feel it. I'm already, I already have an issue. What's that? So you had the 11,000 Bill Belichick. Press conference. It was awesome. It was a story that weekend. I was happy for you. But I got 4000 James hardened elbow to Laker in the nuts. And I got that out. I felt like I deserved an honorable mention viral tweet. But you're too busy doing what you were on my TV. I saw more Peter schrager during Christmas weekend than I saw in my actual kids because every time I turn around and you're in Arizona, you're in LA..

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