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What a change from about two weeks ago right now Tacoma at thirty eight and a quarter thirty eight degrees. We've got forty one here in Seattle at komonews cleanup continues. In fact, my commute right now took me through the port orchard area here and still lots of devastation and cleanup and some lights are still out tens of thousands of families. If I didn't expect to handle the Christie on your Christmas list this year this morning right now crews are racing affect the outages from Thursday's windstorm all over the region about twenty six thousand PSE customers are still in the dark right now that's down from thirty six thousand late last night. Areas affected still include Wachem, Skagit and Kitsap counties, including parts of port orchard where that tornado hit earlier in the week in a course, if you do come across an intersection where the traffic. Signals are not working it automatically becomes a four-way. Stop caution as other drivers. Sometimes forget that rule. Komo news time six thirty six developing story out of woodinville that we're following here. This morning at komonews can county deputy Shang someone was stabbed in the stomach during a house party. And might not survive this happen at one hundred forty third in bear creek road last night deputy say more than one hundred young people many of them teenagers were attending the party at a home. That was rented out. They're still investigating what led up to that stabbing obligations. One thing was pleased to another man. Stuff happens like that. Now, we're being told deputies say they have a seventeen year old in custody while the lights were out last night on the national Christmas tree at the White House. Be turns out a man hopped defense and climbed into the tree. He was up there for over an hour. Police say he eventually came down on his own. He was taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. A tree them was closed for the night. A missing Colorado mother with ties to Washington state now presumed dead police, arresting fiance for murder Patrick crazy arrested for murder to twenty nine year old hasn't been seen by the way thanksgiving when she was spotted a grocery store with her one year old daughter investigators believe she was killed in her own home in Colorado under freon say, Patrick crazy. The main suspect breast body has not been founder baby now in protective custody. Kelsey Gareth grew up in Moses Lake last night, the community held a vigil in her in her honor to show support for the family still living there, of course, we'll be following a story through the weekend posted a. Komo news dot com. Got some new pictures this morning of taggers into Moines police caught up with a pair of suspects involved. But not before they did a lot of damage at wouldn't park in the Redondo area. Police several pictures of what the taggers did please saying two kids are in custody. Thanks to an alert witness and good police work. Komo news time now is six thirty eight a ninety year old building that used to be a dorm for nurses across the street from Harborview now a one hundred bed homeless shelter. Harborview hall can house up to one hundred people including their pets the renovations took two years cost about two and a half million dollars. And it's run by the Salvation Army and is not a low barrier shelter. People staying there will be asked to refrain from drugs and alcohol huge waves spoi- what video everybody has a look at your KOMO news dot com. The waves pushed by heavy winds slamming into a waterfront restaurant and Birch Bayh and Watkin county. Komo Suzanne Phan went to have a look Burks. Pay was definitely the.

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