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Well, guys, it's the last preseason game for both teams. And I think for the lightning. It's safe to say off start with you Dave that they definitely got better with each game. And maybe their last game was one of the better performances. I think they played a good game on Tuesday. Greg excluding the third period. But the result in count in the standings, and they wanted to improve upon how they handled that third period. Let's not forget, I think John Cooper mentioned in his post game. You know, we did do a lot of good things for thirty to thirty five minutes. And you're right. They carry that over into the game in Orlando. And it's maybe w encouraging that they're doing it with basically for the most part. They're mean team. I mean, that's what you want to see. Is solid performance is with the guys who are going to be playing most of the time once the regular season begins. And I think we've certainly seen that in the last two games and even going back to the game before that which was the Nashville game the to Nashville games. Actually, I thought they played pretty well in those as well. So after maybe a couple of clunkers against Carolina to start the lighting of kind of pulled the preseason back together, and they put together some good performances. Yeah. I agree with you. Dave. I think starting Carolina. It'd be killed surrogate have had said as well. And John Cooper said their effort was there, and he was pretty proud of their overall energy and performance going out on the ice. It was just the score wasn't necessarily indicative of their play. And I think for the Florida Panthers. Coach also thought that the their play the score wasn't indicative of their play necessarily in the sixty two loss on Thursday. But nonetheless, I think the lightning have been progressing for some of the veteran players that's going to be a matter of finding their timing. Right. And continuing to build chemistry and get their legs ready for some of the younger. Players like Volkov and Joseph. It's continuing to bring that hundred and ten percent effort every night because they wanna make every opportunity count and handle those minutes. Well. And let's get right into with some of those players guys. I mean, I think you know. I think it's safe to say that Joseph and Ernie if stood out because they've been in the the scoresheet, and they've they've filled the nets, and maybe we can talk about this. I it's whoever is on that fourth line. Whether it's earning and Joseph for somebody else. I mean, the fourth line is going to have a little bit different. Look this year than what it looked like in game seven against the Washington Capitals. I think there's pros and cons to everything. But certainly from an offensive Sandpoint. It's certainly going to be a different look if you have guys like Joseph and Ernie on that fourth line to start the season yet man, Adam Ernie actually quick change before the start of the game will not be playing in tonight's game. Instead Martell will be taking his place. But yes, Adam Ernie and Matthew Joseph have both been able to find the back of the net. They both had impressive camp. So far really hardworking players. You know, both of them took this off season really seriously. And it's paying offer them at camp. Matthew Joseph just seems to go up and down the lineup. He can play on the left. He can play on the right? John Cooper has said several times. You know, I talked to him before the game. And he likes his versatility on either side of the wing he likes that he can play on the top line was Steven stamkos and JT Miller tonight or you can play with Anthony, Sarah and Corey conquer on another line. So that's one of his strengths as well as his deception and speed and Adam Ernie, obviously, Dave has proven time and time again that he has the strength. He has the size. He has a great shot from what we've seen as well. And he was really doing a great job so far in this preseason at at continuing to make strides in the right direction. Yeah. Personally, I don't believe that he's one of the bubble players. I think that. Frankly when they made this late lineup change. I'm not shocked that they penalty said to Adam. You're good. Right. We'll see you next Saturday in the lineup. Maybe it's there's something more than that. But the fact that Martel was in. Is something that makes a lot of sense to me because he is still getting acclimated to a new Team New system new teammates. And personally I felt he had an okay game on Tuesday. But he was that much better on Thursday. Having had a couple more days of practice under his belt. And he's a guy that they took a flyer on.

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