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Hundred W. L. W.. sports here's a red update Kevin Newman hit a two run Homer with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning last night living the pirates over the red six to five right Shelley glace yes took the loss for Cincinnati evolved to three and twelve Newman also hit a three run Homer in the fifth inning for Pittsburgh Lucas Sims will face off against James Marvel tonight in game two of the series seven out of WWE's coverage begins at six oh five of the RL carriers inside pitch Kelsey Chevrolet extruding show after the game elsewhere in baseball last night Cleveland Indians were eliminated from postseason play for the first time since twenty fifteen falling to Washington a to to Tampa Bay and Oakland both earning playoff spots last night college football Cincinnati Bearcats on the road tonight up against the thundering herd of Marshall action of four thirty on one oh two seven W. E. B. N. coach Luke Fickell your team has a week off but now it's back to work the idea of getting away mentally to to clear your mind a little bit have a little bit of time to relax hopefully see family and friends and things like that and then come back kind of feel rejuvenated with at the idea that we got quite a run here in the next few weeks of some really really good football teams also in college football today buffalo takes on the Miami redhawks Kentucky said South Carolina fifth ranked Ohio state plays at Nebraska elsewhere number ten Notre Dame battles eighteenth rated Virginia number twenty five Michigan state and Indiana number one Clemson faces North Carolina bangles update bangles verses the Steelers on Monday night in Pittsburgh best bangles coverage right here on seven hundred WLW both teams with three Pittsburgh the three and a half point favorite build Edison seven hundred WLW sports news radio seven hundred W. L..

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