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I kind of you know what. I'm sorry i'm i'm just happy sula joy to keep it bottled. This is a hobby. This is worse all worked out. But i told that story just to quickly tell. This one is For the latest episode. Yokel hero samantha. Actually wrote the music to those songs. Sow god i mean i thanks. I would have been happy to pitch in but but It was one of these things where you know she just sorta said. Oh dad i took a pass a tune and and You know played it for me and it was. It was like The fable of the shoemaker and the elves i woke up in my work is done. This is this is great. Thanks yeah i got a full night's sleep. Yes and i was up at three. Am with the baby. But that's when you i guess. Apparently that's when you do your best your best work. Yeah your mind is raw. You're not always kind of in that half alive. You know half asleep dreaming state. Oh yeah life is just a to do list. Yeah yeah exactly. It's so interesting you saying that. You found your niche in The writers rooms being the person who could write songs. Because i when. I got my first tv writing job i mean i. I studied musical theater at nyu. I you know. I'm my father's daughter. It's it's in me somewhere. But i hadn't really considered it until i about three years in should being in the writer's room and i was like i mean. I wonder my dad did that. I wonder if i can just sort of see. If i can pitch myself writing a few songs for the show and i ended up pitching a musical episode and it was an you know that was an hour long years ago and i thought so often about my dad writing streetcar and just thinking that it was. You know it's possible you can just you know if it's good you it'll it can be on television but Street streetcar though is one of those things that i sort of can't believe that you did that. Data is just so. I think about it constantly. I watch it. Just if when in doubt when i don't when i want something that i'm very familiar with as background noise. That's streetcars is a goto. Especially because well. I mean the back to the connection to the simpsons. Several songs were written in that with me close by. I'm sure well song especially right. The i i will say i wrote. The who song it was. Driving samantha to disneyland god really. It was a charm charts childhood away from it machine in my room. I mean it's just a southern california childhood. yeah we had an annual pass I didn't see the kiss. Let's during the week so you know when a weekend. Let's go to disneyland the way you'd go to a playground which really isn't too growing with us for all l. a. Closer bad this is somewhere you go. He was just go on to check out. Country bear jamboree in the dojo. Mom worked at disney so it was the cheapest thing we can do. This isn't a podcast. But i just had to say it's a charm childhood. It's a chat. Yeah listen. I i remember fifty five years ago. I saw art link last ladders house party and there was kids who lived a few blocks from disneyland and like my stomach. Hurt envying those kids. It's their backyard thousands of miles away so very very happy to what you came when you were driving the disneyland properly. Som- you're saying. Well i so i usually. We would all go. But i had sammy for the day and so she's just in a car seat in. I had a little hundred dollar. You know casio keyboard that on the seat next to it and i was just around chords whom a minor b flat megiddo and i actually did write the tune on the long drive and i remember traffic. I'm.

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