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A harbinger is is a oneoff well i mean it's your as far as the tax part of it i'm not sure how much more there do they days that can be done beyond what they've already done but i mean i do think it's a reflection of some attitudes towards college athletics uh and and how that's working uh financially and uh some of the pressures that are there are there for them i mean the there there are things going on also in the court that stand to be uh you know even bigger issues for college for college athletics relative to uh you know to to the competition the compensation for athletes and uh potential liability for could cautions and mother things that are going on financially that could become a much bigger deal um so but yeah i mean i think there's you know there there's definitely a sense uh you had as shane lyons pointed out particularly recently were you see the size of the contract the buyout where there's just not going to be a lot of sympathy towards uh you know towards folks who were in charge of running college fina went went by let's be honest erupted kazama short but on the bio i got two different messages your he is the excise tax is is our by going to be subject to the excise tax i've heard yes i've heard no do you know they are they a it will depend on the size of the by out in relation to the code annual salary near the multiplier involved bill wouldn't necessarily apply every by out but it will apply to thumb okay okay liked i'm thinking of the big twelve million dollar abided arizona state i mean that that now suddenly becomes a big number if there is a tax of apply now wouldn't retroactively but here's a yeah it'll it'll apply according to a formula amid allied could it be twenty one percent of the total by out but yet if it if it's a third of above the third multiplier of the coach's fate basic compensation there will be bid by lee part of that will be subject to that act that damages de berkowitz usa today's than ahead of the curve on this story about the impact of these tax changes on bigtime college athletics steve it's great to talk to you i certainly appreciate your time spectrum and the.

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