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Smartphone for work in the mid2000s chances are you had one of these a crack berry at the time it was the king of mobile messaging devices the blackberry aka crack perry was ubiquitous but then came to the wave of iphone samsung galaxy and messaging platforms like what's up and facebook messenger and with their arrival blackberry sales plummeted and now in an effort to stop the bleeding blackberry suing facebook saying that it will well basically invented modern messaging claiming that facebook is ripping off its inventions like notification icons and more heater delve deeper into the suit bloomberg intelligence has met larson who covers tech litigation and also with a sarah frier of course who covers facebook so sarah what led up to this so blackberry as the company has been focusing a little bit more and try to get revenue from he is opposed to its business would you knew what has declined to tan said business which as you know it has declined revenue is on the up it up and maybe they have a chance here with facebook which certainly has money so case the theory has over forty thousand patents third of a very broad patent portfolio they been active in the space for a long time one of the patents at issue here was filed in 2003 so we're looking at pre smartphone era i pee this is foundational the questions just what's the incremental value of that you know fifteen years later it's they're likely seeking pretty high royalties and so you know the question is how much is this actually worth to to a company like facebook that continues to innovative put out new products with with direct messaging services i mean this isn't going on for years as i mentioned to their blackberries business model his change they've gotten out of hand sets and they're looking more at brand licensing software licensing and it licensing so.

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