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Mind blown. I can't believe it. I said it. I said it, and I don't regret it. He did. You heard me Mitchell. Travis Key did the damn thing Buffalo in Chicago was most definitely a Mitchell Robiskie Revenge game. I mean, nobody's ever going to hype an exhibition game for anything. But you know that Mitchell had that big, fat red Sharpie out for that one. I mean, I'll get to Andy Dalton v. Justin Fields a little bit later on, but because those who are battling it out in the ashes of a stadium Because they're battling it out in the ashes of a stadium. The true Biscay himself burned to the ground on Saturday. You want to talk about a freaking laser show. Listen, I've gone hard on this guy I really have. But this is the beauty of me. Where do we even start when we talk about the beauty of me? The beauty of me as I'm accountable, and I'm going to call it the way I see it. This dude put on a freaking laser show. 2028 20 of 28 for 221 Yards, a touchdown and a passer rating of one. Oh 6.2. He led buffalo to 34 points in seven drives. He was absolutely surgical in the way he carved up that bears defense. My man looked like Aaron Rodgers, Joe Montana and Tom Brady all rolled into one. And he made Matt Nagy look like a fool. First drive 72 yards. 10 plays TD seven. Nothing bills. I know if you're a bears fan, you're like, Yeah, Whatever. I've seen that before. No way That chump does that again. Second drive, 11 plays 64 yards.

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