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Twenty-six bible, eight seven seven twenty-six bible seen on cellphone video being held at gunpoint and subjected to professor. Hannity lace commands by Phoenix police over a claim of shoplifting. By a four year old, the black couple in Phoenix will sue Aisha Harper, and our fiance, Trayvon Ames, who was on video seen having his leg kicked out from under him by Phoenix. Police officer who already had aims hands behind his back say, they do not accept apologies that have been given by the mayor of Phoenix and the police chief, honestly, it really hasn't done anything to help us 'cause feels like a half apology. They want the officers involved, fired the couple, he's filed a ten million dollar claim against the city saying their civil rights were violated by Phoenix. Police like stone, ABC names got Ragu pasta sauce in your pantry. It may have been recalled Illinois-based, mid skin America says it's recalling jars of pasta sauce over the possibility that they may contain plastic fragments to this point. There have been no complaints or injuries, the company saying it's launching the recall voluntarily out of an abundance of caution. Some grocery chains already telling customers not. Consume the sauce into instead, bring those jars in for a refund ABC's Ryan burrow in Chicago. No Harvard education for one of the MSG, highschool massacre survivors. The university revoking Kyle cashews acceptance over racist, social media, postings and text about two years ago before the February two thousand eighteen massacre,.

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