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Twenty eight challengers and. It's time for us to former state? Republican party chair, Susan Hutchison is now the Republican front runner and says she wants to fight the taxes people. Are fed up, with they're tired of being over tax We don't. Have. An income, tax here, but they fear it they have reason to and the roster for the race had thirteen Republicans and five. Democrats five independence and some others in a closely watched open congressional race Republican Dino Rossi was leading. It crowded ballot and easily advanced to the general election Rossi's a former. State Senator who had unsuccessful runs for governor and US Senate incumbent Republican u, s Representative Dave Reichert retiring from the eighth congressional district after more than a decade long the dozen candidates on the ballot one of. Three Democrats are expected to advance, Kim schreier Jason Ritter riser or Shannon hater schreier took an early lead among the group for the second spot. Followed closely by Ritteriser some of the more competitive races, results may not be known for. Days as most counties update. Vote counts only once a day Ballots began showing up early last night and they're still coming. In at the state elections. Office secretary of state Kim Wyman says there are no surprises as far as turnouts concern turn out is coming in the way I would. Expect it to I still am optimistic, that we're going to. Get into the fortieth percentile in terms of turnout by certification and there's a number of, reasons for that a lot of people voted today neither put their ballots in the mail or into a dropbox so we'll have a better feel I think or the final turnout probably Wednesday or Thursday but there's still a lot about that will be coming. In I think he expects November primary we'll have a very high voter turnout, and all the races are detailed. At KOMO news dot com more returns will be released, tomorrow afternoon, and of course. We'll stay on top of any changes that might happen state patrol troopers tell KOMO they're concerned. By an unusually high number of DUI cases recently where children are found to be riding in. A car driven by a drunk Driver Hooper Chelsea Hodgson works in the district. That surge the Washington coastline BU is. Bad enough you're putting all the people on the road in addition to yourself but for someone to. Make the decision to drink alcohol get behind the wheel and then have a kid who has no choice but to go along with you I can't. Even put it into words she says they typically have thirty cases like these in. A year so far in two thousand eighteen they've had twenty eight eleven in July alone these drivers face child endangerment charges as well Charlie, harder KOMO western Washington surrounded by fire. Wildfires are burning in eastern Washington British, Columbia Oregon and California you can see. The. Hazy proof by looking toward the cascades or.

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