Renato, Nolan Ah, Dick Monfort discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Decision to deal third baseman Nolan Ah, Renato to ST Louis. The trade was finalized yesterday. Owner Dick Monfort says he still has belief in the team despite being without their superstar. We have an extremely talented team. They're built to compete. It is time for them to take the next step. We're excited for our season ahead and look forward to the challenge is Rocky's gym. Jeff Brighter, says Nolan's departure does not mean more trades are coming. This certainly is not a total tear down and rebuild, like Um, you know, certain teams have chosen to undergo overtime right? It submits that over time. His relationship with our Renato changed and are not a wanted out of the deal with the Rockies swell in light of the recent comments that you just heard by the GM, and by the owner, can the Rockies still feel the competitive playoff team You're weighing in this morning on Facebook and Twitter? No, and you are sure where he is. Colored of Parks and wildlife, says he's found in color Gray wolf near the Colorado Wyoming state line. The GPS collar will allow biologists and wildlife managers to track that wolf. The Wolf has a four year old male weighing £110 is traveling with a wolf from the Wyoming Snake River pack and Super Bowl spreads could be lacking a popular game day food this year. The Georgia Poultry Federation says a chicken wing shortage is possible during Sunday's big game because of the demand during the cove in 19 pandemic, that's largely because wings are delivered. Friendly, which has been a plus for restaurants while in person dining is limited and estimated 1.4 billion chicken wings are expected to be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday, so viewers who want them on their menu are encouraged to call in orders early. Sarah Bartlett, NBC news radio at one time before I had a child, my husband, I would go to these sports bars or whatever, and we thought we would write a book on Who's Got the best hot wings, Colorado. We love them. I didn't have one of those in a few years. I'm not a big wings guy. Yeah, so you don't mind about the shortage That does not impact me whatsoever. Now there's shortage of beers, beers, and I would be. I would think there's a shortage of Super Bowl parties isn't there you would hope you would think in these instances to keep safe 6 37 Year on Colorado's Morning news BK with sports Money News with Pat Wednesday morning, Dr John Morrissey. It's people calm.

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