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You know that bragging I'm just telling you about baseball skips. So that that game. And the thing yesterday alone Choi to whiskey got released by the Toronto much auditing. Shop was parting gift I should say was owed them thirty eight million. But you got to take with them out of that thirty million thirty eight million. I'm just so when you look at it manually and also if you can play here's the only thing that stops a lot of young guys nowadays, everybody wants instant gratification. If you go to NFL you go straight to the league, there's no minor league. Any of that? When you go to baseball you've got to put in a couple of years in the minor leagues. That's what a lot of kids. Get turned off by you know, what I mean? Your way. What about does have a minor league? It's called college. Done that and you go on. But the thing here too is just because you want to Heisman Trophy done going to be a star in the NFL the list of Heisman Trophy bust that didn't make it as long, and then when you're talking about being undersides baseball doesn't matter about size little guys doesn't even matter. Mccutchen just got a ton of money from the he's about this this side, Andrew mccutchen, also communicated thirty two years old dry season war season. Every just got a three year fifty million dollar contract than give thirty two year old and NFL fifty million dollars. And that's my point. So if you can look past the whole idea of going to the minor leagues for a couple years getting season, the whatever it's a no-brainer. Take baseball's good for your health is good for your pocketbook. And I don't know how you lose. A specially when you talk about the age, we're willing to give them five million dollars. They really. We believe that he's one of those guys they don't just give away money just to give away. Forget me. They allowed him to go play football. Because you come here. Come on here for me. If all things are equal. I go play baseball. But we've never seen a player to have this kind of the limits because guess what him win the Heisman is says he's the best college football player in America. They drafted him in the top ten this even one of the best baseball players in America. And he's saying because here's the thing is going to be pulling it and he's going to have to face. This no matter what sport chooses. He's always going to wonder if it doesn't play football. And I couldn't play play. If you play football could've played in the major sure what Alabama. Alabama hip you out. They're gonna put that binding on it. That problem because Alabama that's right below NFL team. And you get get one time and you'll be doing the NFL you got sixteen so ala Bama go make a decision to worry about. Getting. Dame waves and Ray Kwan, David. We had four first team all America team. Team all Americans. Yeah. That's why Cuyler won the Heisman. Because he didn't have anybody. We show you why he shouldn't because. Of touchdowns. But when Kyle. Murray dragged the worst great team defense in the history of college football all the way to the play offs. It was stunning to see what he pulled off. Which is why I'm here to tell you Cuyler Murray will never be as happy playing baseball as he would be if he played football. There's nothing like the rush of playing quarterback in football. Just nothing like it. There's nothing like the rush of game day Saturday or a game day Sunday. And I hear everything you guys just said about it's smarter to play baseball. It's smarter long-term. It's healthier. It's less dangerous less injurious. I get all of the above this kid can play in the NFL. I believe he can be Russell Wilson. At least as good as Russell. What about Menzel is not more like that? No..

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