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You have no fingernails by the end of the game, and then you go, oh, wait, I was fine. He threw for three hundred and four. Oh, okay. We're good. Why doesn't help that? He he's making his, hey, on Chester Rogers and Eric Hebron rest, not the flashiest of of playmakers when he gets TY Hilton Dak though it will improve. It gets even better. So I mean, lock is just dependable, reliable, Russell Wilson heads into the by with a seventeen for twenty three to twenty two in three game. Another touchdown for lock it. What? What are the expectations for Wilson recipe season. He is a QB, here's leaky. What the he's still is eight to ten range guys. Is he a three to six range guy? He is a lower range, quarterback one for me. I mean, two hundred twenty two yards. That's fine. But to come, the yardage output compared to the touchdowns is not something that you generally see. You don't see one hundred ninety eight and three. It's it's difficult to make those things happen. Russell certainly can do it, but I'm not trusting him to be a top tier. Fantasy quarterback. He's fine. He's fine. Let's move into the studs at the running back position. Let me just say this. You wanna win. Find yourself one of these guys. Yeah, Todd Gurley Melvin Gordon saquon Barkley Kareem hunt, James, Connor girly career high. Two hundred eight yards of rushing could have had more if they gave him the ball more. What a game. I mean, I thought I was running away in a league with saquon girly outscored. Mike thought he was running away in a league with Gordon Gurley outscored Gordon. This is just otherworldly performance. It's really not fair. It's feels great. When you have lucky focus on things, twelve targets for saquon game script proof. We talked a lot about him after Thursday. So who do you want to pull out of here mean Sony, Michelle had a great week. You finally saw good week from latavius Murray. You find this all be week from Alex Collins. Yeah, my rising start to recall, we'll talk about him in a little while. Alex Collins game. I've would see if people are interested in Alex Collins nineteen cares for fifty four yards. Meanwhile Edwards, a third string running back that would be Gus, Edward. Thank you. The third string running back for the ravens is starting to get some play. It looks capable and we know Alex Collins is always on the lease with the fumbling problem. One rush for Buchan. It's a little hasn't hints on Alex Collins because with coming through with that performance, let's say the match up was finally juicy enough. If you're running back is going up against Arizona or the Denver Broncos you're going to have a good day. Is this just the way it is now Broncos, two straight games. Why? A two hundred yard rushers Crowell piercing. Yeah, I would. I'm going to. Clued, the Kansas City defense list, sunny, Michelle, twenty four for one. Oh, six and two. Michelle's gray? Yes, in great for three straight weeks on the ground. Now he's not getting targets. So he's a little capped on that..

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