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And what about iris by the dolls for city of angels yes that was a big one there was also the atlantis morissette song uninvited yeah that was on there but it was also oh i think actually was that on her album jagged little pill no i think you know yeah ninety eight was a big year for soundtracks you had those two you've had godzilla you had hope floats you had of course titanic y'all that whole float soundtrack dove work on it the album you might know the adele cover of the bob dylan song to make you feel my love but check out the garth brooks cover on that hope floats album what else was on the hopeful that was that was the big that was the big one for me i'm trying to think of like was it like a big obvious hit tweet us tell us we just want to hit one is we'll have figured it out by then but hey engage as for next week's billboard two hundred chart watch for logic today to debut at number one with bobby tarantino to say that five times fast bobby tarantino to bobby tarantino to it should launch at number one with over one hundred twenty thousand quivalent album units earned in the week ending march fifteenth according to industry forecasters of course he debuted at number one just like a year ago with everybody next up friend of the podcast super recent friend of the podcast indeed zad scores his fourth top ten hit on the billboard hot one hundred as the middle his collaboration with marianne morris and grey climbs eleven to eight it's the first top ten for both morris and grave by the way fun fact as the middle only took six weeks to hit the top ten it's says fastest climb to the region surpassing the sevenweek ascent of his feature turn on automatic i'm days.

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