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The ticket taker first allow it when you're talking about sure people this much of a lot. you got to talk about dental join. was to actually read sure him all year long this free to decide let's put him in there trying yet Parker let's go over some injury news here short penny yeah actually injured himself in a light practice on Friday and left something changes letters right he's out for the Seattle Seahawks was some recordings active but I talk that talk to head coach and the reason I'm not to see how he does during the damage is going well I'll put him in the rotation to doesn't I'll just be a backup marketers had a great start the students so far tried out for the ravens he looks like he's good to go Jimmy Graham he was banged up he is active today head coach Mike I'm still gonna get him is wrapped up thirty forty place in there Marlon Mack too wide open both in for the colts there is one out for them Erin Donald when I'm in your report with a back injury and have injury he should be good to go now son Jeffrey he's out today but he told me he thinks will be good to go for Thursday all right thanks a lot J. at home brace yourself for rob Riggle Watsonville Sunday fantasy addition is the show where rob covers fantasy football while living out his fantasy version of fox NFL Sunday oh boy. joining me it does. how about three thousand. Michael Strahan. Dennis doctor Clark I can't fix his mouth but I made my look the same to make.

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