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Has the situation and Archer avenue where we say Gary Barton shot six co workers killing five of them, then turned his attention to responding police. Down at the time. Exit shots being fired. Believe you then went into hiding in the twenty nine thousand square foot facility. It wasn't until an hour and a half later. He was found by police and engaged in another gunfight confirmed that the that is down in burrow ABC news Aurora. Illinois human being called potential suspects in the alleged attack of empire actor Jesse Smolin have been released by Chicago police without charges no longer considered suspects in the case, Chicago police continuing their investigative work and say they've got some new leads from interrogation of the men. The US supreme court may have the final say and the legal fight over President Trump using his emergency powers to secure more funding for his border wall, which is about an invasion of our country. Congress only approved one point four billion dollars for the wall. But the White House says the president can get an additional six and a half billion dollars using executive and emergency powers to shift money from other projects. Most of it would come from the Pentagon money. It is intended for counternarcotics efforts and emergency military construction ABC chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. The ACLU already saying it's suing more Lewis lawsuits, including those from border landowners are expected White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was among those White House officials interviewed as part of the Russia investigation, the beating taking place months ago. She isn't the only communication staffer interviewed hope Hicks, and Sean Spicer also sitting down with Muller team..

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