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Looks. I think they're pretty straightforward as a team. They they know what they're gonna do. They want to use the people that they wanna use in certain particular situations is just about going out there and executing in obviously going to have little nuances that have little trick plays and things like that. So we've got to be prepared for that. But I think for the most part in my opinion, pretty straightforward in how they want to approach the game as I said the running game going to be very important for us to shut down early on in this game. And then. Obviously move into position to where we have two things for you one. Is it a straightforward offense and to how good can sue be for the Rams tonight? Well, I think dance your second question. I think suicide gonna have to be dominant. He I think he's one of those guys. He's almost labeled as a mercenary type because he's bounces around is in Detroit. He had some issues made a bunch of money Miami. And now one year deal out in LA. I think kind of a season with all of the attention that Aaron Donald gets wasn't the dominant season. It's almost like he gets that the switch got flipped and it's the playoffs in. Here we go. This is what I came here for he got through the regular season. Now, it's cranked up time and you talked about seven first round picks. He is as strong of a human being is you're gonna ever go against and he so he is going to be a matchup problem for the inside. When you're you have to put so much attention on Aaron Donald. So I think in order for the Rams to disrupt the show. Short quick passing game. They're going to get frustrated because the ball comes out so quick then you run it draws doing. You're doing all these things to really mess with Aaron Donald. Consistently get blocked on one kid. He win that match up. If he does and can make two or three big players because you think back to last your Super Bowl. It was nobody could stop anybody. But then Graham made the one big play. The slowdown New England all it's gonna take one or two big plays like that in order to come out. And if suit can do that tonight, all of a sudden. He he has a chance to be a star in this game. By the way, if you're out there driving around listening to us on these super pre-game show on ESPN radio or the seven who are the seven, first routers. Sue, Aaron Donald Aqib Talib. Dante Fowler, jR, Marcus Peters. Mark, barron. Michael brokers. We are not kidding seven of the eleven daughters on the Rams defense. First round picks. Okay. Lots more. We'll get into the ramps the state of mind of the LA Rams. Here's a unit for the first time. Here's a franchise for the first time in almost twenty years since Kurt Warner and the Saint Louis Rams got to the Super Bowl remarkable Jared Goff people counted him out a couple of years ago. Jeff Fisher didn't seem to want to play when he was the head coach of the Rams house. He entering this game. We will dive into the Rams side of Super Bowl fifty three as you are listening to these super pre-game show on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. The best word I'd say described coach McVay is. Transparency. Great leader as you've got to be to be a great leader. Right. Gives a of ownership and understanding of what he expects a to require no matter who you are very consistent with that. Are you looking for senior care for your mom or dad, but don't know where to start? Hi, I'm Joan.

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