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Those tell the stories in gift thoughts in theories, a wait for Tuesday's to get here. Just to see what y'all have forests. So guess that's it by thanks Tedi. So I do particularly have facination with the medical related cases as well. It's probably because I've been in that profession how about you, of course. Doctor for years. Yeah. So it's always interesting. I think Dede kind of commented on it. But I I think that you Rini knew that this stuff wasn't going to work. Well, yeah, I think that was pretty clear from what I've read and seen about it. Yep. Which I think they should at least go to trial and let a jury decide, but it seems to me like he did. Yeah. I think he he knew that this was Floyd science. So did he had some wind chimes? I think going on there. I thought it was like a Jack in the box or something like a children's toy that was gonna pop. But I think it was just wind chimes. Yes. Okay. Anything else to say on Palo think we've know about him quite a bit. We have a lot of thoughts on him. But nothing else to save regarding dis comment. Okay. So the two katie's in DD in Holly, whose voice mails. We just played please write to me with your preferred shirt size in your address. So you can get your t-shirt. And then we'll move onto the emails to emails. I is from joy and joy says I love you guys. You take on true crime is fresh and fun. I'm hoping that at some point you and dick will take on the case of the west. Memphis, three would be great to hear your opinions on this most controversial case keep up the great work. And I'll see you at the quiet. Thanks for writing in with this case suggestion joy. So what do you have to say about the west Memphis three? These are three boys. Who when they were teenagers were tried and convicted in nineteen ninety. Four of the nineteen Ninety-three murders. Three boys in west. Memphis, arkansas. Damien Echols was sentenced to death. Jesse Miskelly junior was sentenced to life imprisonment plus two additional twenty or sentences and Jason Baldwin was sentenced to life imprisonment during the trial the prosecution asserted that the children were killed as part of a satanic ritual. Now, this is a very famous case and has been a number of documentaries said of explored the case celebrities musicians other people have helped fundraisers in the belief that the three young men convicted of the crime are innocent in July two thousand seven new forensic. Evidence was presented in the case status report jointly issued by the state and the defense team stated, although most of the genetic material recovered from the scene was attributable to the victims of the offenses some of it cannot be attributed to you the victims or the defendants so in October of two thousand. And seven the defense fo the second amended writ of habeas, corpus outlining the new evidence. And then following two thousand ten decision by the Arkansas supreme court regarding newly produced DNA evidence and potential juror misconduct. The west Memphis three negotiated a plea bargain on August, two thousand eleven they entered all of them out for please which allowed them to assert their innocence while acknowledging that prosecutors have enough evidence to convict them, the judge accepted, the please sentence them to time served and they were released with suspended sentences having served over eighteen years in prison. Wow. But that's a long time if you're innocent. So this was all part of the whole satanic panic situation here was and I'm not sure if you have evidence that of exonerated you way. Why would you enter an Alford plea, I guess just to make sure you get out of prison. Right. This is real. Guys, and they been in their half their lives. Right. So I think that is a good case suggestion. Yes, we'll be doing that. Okay. So we also have a case suggestion from Danny Danny says, my wife, and I are both retired at enjoy listening to your podcast.

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