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Don cheetah Liz 56 Sunday I'm Christopher Watson. ABC News Thanks for including coma News is a part of your weekend. I Mark Christopher. Hey a note here that you conjoined come on, whose radios we make a difference and bring joy to families in need during these challenging times. The annual toy drive for the Salvation Army. Presented by Fred Meyer. You can donate right now. In fact, here's how making online monetary donation or you can shop for toys through a wish list. We set up and send toys directly to the Salvation Army. I'll give you the website. In a moment, You'll also donate new unwrapped toys in the collection box and finally set up next to customer service that your local Fred Meyer Then Friday, December 11th. We're gonna have the phone banks and staff here at Coma Plaza, taking your monetary donations between 6 A.m. and seven PM again Special thanks to our returning phone bank sponsor the law offices of Harold D. Car and Almond Roca. Here's the website coma. News dot com slash toy drive coma news dot com Slash toy drive. Thank you so much. Homo news radio listen more no more State of Arkansas is trying to attract new residents. They're offering $10,000 and a mountain bike. If you make the move, the newly announced life works here Initiative offering the deal says If biking isn't your thing, you can opt for an annual membership to one of the local cultural institutions instead. Also Oklahoma and Topeka, Kansas, have also launched similar initiatives..

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