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Not okay. Nope nope nope. Let's see a not seen it seeing it so Well you can find this article at prophecy news. Watch dot com so any here. We're gonna continue here right here. Says so all over the world the hot-button subject of the moment is he covert vaccination many governments discuss making a mandatory terrifying concept for people who believe that the vaccines and safe but perhaps even more appalling are the shocking things that people are saying about those who are unvaccinated. This article isn't about whether the vaccine is safe or not. I'm not urging anyone to get the vaccine nor am i urging anyone to avoid it. I believe the my health decisions are my choice and yours are your choice. That strip amigos. I hope that you read some of these comments. Whatever side or of the debate you are on you. Stop and think about your mandy. This were near the group of people. It'd be considered hate speech because the mainstream media the the narrative or tightly controlled right now This isn't just thought of us. This isn't thought of as accepting buddy signal superior virtue here go the dangers of uttering quote unquote as as we already large. This is found little larger guests. No he go blind anyways noises. A we were already talked about how people would be encouraged to get the vaccine through loss of liberty privileges. By now those eager to get the vaccine have done so also those with valerie's like loss of income have also gotten the jeb therefore hold out to remain adamant They won't get. The vaccine are now being exposed to a whole new level of encouragement. The extreme social pressure Phenomenon called uttering is used in both the violent Violence dynamics world in brainwashing. Ushering is when a person determines. Another person is unworthy threatening or all around Inadequate in harley even the same species Ushering is a process whereby a group of people is may seem fundamentally different even to the point of making that group seem less than human This process can trigger instinctive emotional reactions. Were members of that group immediate instances uttering has been used to degrade oscillate in render possible a groups discrimination abuse or persecution. Those you don't learn from history dot dot dot is true Happened many times in history when human beings were used as slaves and property when human beings were the subject of horrific Experiments on the media and people empowered deliberately manipulated human beings to believe that others weren't like them therefore it was permissible to mistreat them and abuse them As a saint goes who don't learn from history are danger. Repeated and repeated they are i think regardless of our stance we can all agree that the fervently wishes for bad things to happen to those who believe differently in the dehumanizing them For the releases pretty awful people have come out with policy suggestions for those who aren't vaccinated darn limit of cnn. this believes the unbanning naked. Should not be allowed to buy food or work. Does this mean. He believes that they should starve to death. How many people have to die limit. Ask saying if behavior is nonsense goal. I think that you need to tell people that their behaviors eve yada nonsensical unfo- cnn a medical analyst. Dr jonathan reiner says that unvaccinated go to bars and restaurants. A doctor pondered the ethics of whether he could refuse to see and vaccinate patients and the new york times is becoming popular. T. blame the unvaccinated for off each case kovin dr anthony foul g. The nation's big cahoon a- of covert blames those not vaccinated for a new spike in cases. And i'm going to interject here and say it's actually because of the vaccinated that we're getting the spike in kobe cases dot com. There's a video circulating you guys check it out. Please check it out. You can probably find it on did shoot and Rumble about that doctor. That was I think it's north carolina. He was addressing the school board. That's from a medical data from dr from his own mouth. Really find out what's going on. He always says we have one hundred million people in this country. We are eligible to vaccinate. Who are not vaccinated. Felt she said with the only an interview with face the nation. We've really got to get these. People chain reminds make it easy for them convinced them do something to get them to be vaccinated because they're the ones that are propagating this outbreak. Let's an outlaw I dot grass will continue Columnist lena win of Washington post believes the unvaccinated are dishonorable called upon the cdc to mandate mass for everyone. Because of it we need a turn to indoor mask mandates not because vaccinated are suddenly problem but because we don't trust the unvaccinated to do the right thing voluntarily. It's not a commentary about effectiveness of the vaccine or even the trickiness of the delta var. But rather about the failure of unvaccinated americans to fulfill their societal all the gatien to act in the interests of everyone's health Rigo when the cdc. I'm just gonna throw this if you're vaccinated. What are you afraid of. If you really believe this vaccine works then who cares why you cared about the vaccinated people are going to hurt you. What he worried about when worried about and if the mask really worked folks would we be where we are right now. No no we would mask. I don't really believe work. Gives you a sense of you know I don't know maybe a sense of comfort. Maybe he can little security blanket auto. No but as you. I can block does like we're olive The wam up boy can get dusty. Here he's going to block. Dan people their grass and pollen. Yeah it's perfect for all of that but is really going to block of iris. I don't know. I don't think so. But scientists science and that's like doctors are talk like doctor actually coming out and talking about this. Why are they not why they not doing scientific researches that it is taking one side. There's no way it is. It's all i tell you. The bible told us this would happen. you know for those people were not lost. They had the holy spirit. God gives us disarmament and you can see what's really going on so who he continues And it says Here we go. When the cdc issued as mass cotton's over two months ago it got the science rob got the policy in communication wrong And has happened again. The biden administration should clarify that backsliding of the united states pandemic progress. That sesa tater the return of indoor masking This has happened. Because of those who chose to remain unvaccinated. The evacuated are now paying the price like really apple. People people think about this. Think about it. That statement from the eighties makes absolutely no sense. No sense okay. Remember you know when you were younger. You get all these vaccinations. yoda means. They take all these vaccinations and all this stuff polio. Okay say you're vaccinated for polio. You come in contact with somebody who was not vaccinated and has polio. Are you going to get polio. No you're not going to get polio. if you're vaccinated for polio right well these vaccines covert team are not actual vaccines okay. They're not there anymore in a Messenger dean is completely not the vaccine. Like you think like the polio vaccine or these other vaccines are. They're not the same folks. So all these people to believe in this vaccination. Tell me something what what are you afraid of. Whatever if they work what are you afraid of. you know. They don't work the problem. They don't work so donate in. Sorry you know me. Eighty so Alabama governor kay ivey wants everyone to blame the unvaccinated for any.

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