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Today's episode is brought to you by ibm. Smart is open open is smart. I._b._m.'s combining their industry expertise with open source leadership of red hat. Let's unlock the world's potential. Let's put smart to work learn more at i._b._m. Dot com slash red hat. Welcome to brainstorm production of iheartradio mark. Hey brain stuff. Lauren vocal bomb here as consumer preferences veered towards more quote unquote natural ingredients in their foods and beverages diet. Soda sales are dropping in place of soda. Carbonated waters like seltzer water are tingling evermore tongues americans are buying three three times as much of the staff as they did a decade ago and although there are plenty of reasons to give up the artificial sweeteners and diet soda could all those bubbles potentially bad for us to i let sit on a bit of carbonated water lingo. Sparkling water is a type of mineral water. That's bottled at the source. Think brands like perry. The minerals in them are naturally occurring and the carbonation might be too although some manufacturers might add bubbles for more zip salter waters biting bubbles rules are all created artificially but they have no other added ingredients save for sometimes flavorings of some sort either natural or artificial a side note here natural flavoring means. This chemical was derived from plants or animals including laboratory farmed microorganisms and official means. This chemical was synthesized in a laboratory from other chemicals. A natural chemical and an artificial chemical may be molecular identical and batches of the one labelled artificial might actually be more pure because they were synthesized in the carefully controlled lab anyway other than sparkling water and seltzer water. There are the offshoots of carbonated water that have other added ingredients. The club soda is a seltzer water with added minerals and sodium potentially table salt or even baking soda both of which reduce acidity and conjure flavor that for many drinkers anchors is more reminiscent of natural spring water tonic water is altogether another entity typically loaded with sugars and a dash of cleaning making it more soda soda pop then seltzer all of these bubbling waters. Oh their existence to an eighteenth century english preacher named joseph priestley who created a technique that forced carbon a oxide gas in two regular old flat water when held together under pressure the gas remained in the water indefinitely in till it was released into a glass and the gas began and the process of floating out the drinker finally enjoyed the refreshing tingle of carbonation on their tongue leader researchers found that forcing carbon dioxide in water has has some notable side effects. It makes the water a bit more acidic which adds some bite to flavors it also helps to preserve the drink to make taste fresher longer priestly erroneously crony asleep touted his revolutionary drank away for sailors to beat back the effects of scurvy during long voyages and even rigged up a portable system that allowed them to create carbonated water on aboard ships on demand so our modern health conscious consumers mistakenly believing other health benefits of sensors and their kin a two do those one study found that sparkling mineral water caused slightly greater dental rozhin than stillwater but according to the report quote levels remained low and were of the order of one hundred <unk> times less than the competitor soft drinks and two thousand seven study found that flavored sparkling waters could be just as creative as orange juice to the teeth but all the flavored waters in the study contained citric acid which can be highly erosive. We spoke by email with marissa more registered dietitian here in atlanta she she said that beyond those issues bubbling water is rather innocuous quote. The carbonation may cause bloating for some and or feelings of fullness but overall. It's a fine way to hydrate eight and especially helpful for those who don't particularly enjoy still or flat water and if you're trying to lose weight by cutting your caloric intake that feeling of fullness might even be a benefit and fizzy water might be a good way to entice you into drinking more h. Two o. moore said seltzer water is a fun and effective way to hydrate particularly for those who wouldn't drink water otherwise if you have any digestive issues or effects from seltzer water then you might cut back or even steer clear of it otherwise i'd say consider enjoying your seltzer with a meal instead of solo or rinsing with plain water afterwards. 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