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Me? I'm gonna, you know, tell him that he's going to get to talk to Batman. All right. So I said to my son, you know we were watching him and I'm like, you know what? You're going to get to call Batman tonight? And so he was like, Really? And I think he was maybe seven or eight. And he called, you know I had Adam's home number and I called him. And he's and I put CJ and he's like, C. J, This is Batman. How you doing, buddy? And I don't believe you. Yeah. Oh, yeah, because he had already sent CJ. Some photos, you know, signed to him and things that C J has in his room and I have a bunch of stuff about from from him as well. So he knew I knew Batman and Yeah, it was great. He got to talk to Batman on the phone. He talks still says there was such a cool Cool moment. This is the kind of guy he was. He was just such a sweet man. Yeah, as great. All right. Well, we're listening to Big town. This is Edward Polly, starring in the chill of death. Let's go back to march 29th 1949 for the conclusion. Dismal place. This is not the sun gone down. The house is cold. Because the swamps all around the lambs side whenever I crack picks it to place if you can't stand the cold. He's safe. His rivals and enemies. Price and a gangster pays for his bring our son. And I'm not being putting his heating planted. Broken down. He's outside thinking with.

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