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So I don't know what to tell you. I I don't know where that goes. But I I went into mechanical engineering because I wanted to work in the automotive industry. And I thought that was a good path in and then I realized that I was going to be someone else's number monkey. Yeah. And I didn't want to be that like I didn't want to be the on the mat together for someone else because I wasn't good enough of an engineer to be at the top. Yeah. So I wanted to be the best that what I did. So did something else. I wanted to design cars, and and people will Well, you you have. have to be mechanical engineers, like no I wanted to be fucking chip foos. But no-one said go to arts center and learned to draw dude. I just did a panel. Chip foos. He's great. He's great sweetest man came and Wayne Carini, right? There was so you. Yeah. Right. So so just real quickly. It was at the scene center stage. I do panels like every year because I just like you. I enjoy talking voice, which is great with these headphones. But. No. But I really I enjoy talking about what we do is a culture, and what we do because like beneath all this and behind everything from again, like I one of my main goals is like keeping car culture alive. Right. Like, that's just huge thing for me. And so Haggerty. Did this like thing on like why we drive and I did talk with them. I did that last year was that they did that was they have you talked to the Peterson. And then like, hey, would you mind sitting on a panel Sima? Sure, no problem. And like, I look at my my haven't assistant. I know that sounds pretentious. But I'm a busy guy. So my systems like, hey, you have a thing at three o'clock, and you need to show up like twenty minutes before and blah, blah, blah. So like, okay, cool. I don't look at any of it. I just know that I'm talking last year. I talked in like, you know, like behind the cafeteria in a room for like twelve people. Right. So this year, I show up get there. And I'm like, and I just see chip foods and Wayne in like mceal from Haggerty Mikhael Haggerty, and and Wade Kawasaki from Sima, and I'm like. Am I at the right thing. Like, why am I here talking to you guys? And then he says, Mr. Delgado. Yeah. And then the stool has my name on it. And they introduce everyone, and they're like this is blah, blah, blah. This is what he's done. This is what he's done, and I'm like sitting at the end feeling like I've shown up to the wrong party under dressed, and then they'll like and a man who needs no introduction. They're not talking about me. You must have missed the car. Clearly. And block. I'm the guy behind the guy. Sorry. But it was it was cool. A good group chips. Great I met chip years ago during like the chip boom with rides when he was doing overhaul. Yeah. He's and he remembered me which I thought was well, he's like a true. He's like a real by really respect. When you meet people, and they remember you when they're like way way outside of the like atmosphere. Yeah. And it's always cool. When you're like, he's like, hey, how you been? I haven't seen since the magazine days. And I was like, oh, yeah. It's weird. I had a very fun night with with all of those guys at Sima last year at at a dinner where a lot of wine was served, and there was some fun stories throat around. It was good good grew gals them. But yeah, there's there's a tips for his engineering. What's I say, we we still people before just find a shop that or place doing things you were interested in and just trying to get an internship trying to get an entry level job. Like, you know, you may be overqualified for something. But that's what you'll learn to build and do the cool shit that you want to do internships in the most important thing you'll ever do because you'll either learn that you don't actually want to do what you thought you wanted to do which is what happened to me in engineering, I did an internship. And I was like, oh, really this isn't what the pamphlet looked like I was going to be driving like race cars like this is not what it is..

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