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Need to know, conditions or weather, traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the tens NewsRadio twelve hundred w away. I. Jumping Charlie Parker's E mail bag. Charlie Parker in iheartmedia dot com. Nice. When I hear something like this. This is from Ed Charlie just got back from CASA dei Moray pork chops for fantastic and the garlic bread loaf was the best. I've ever had thanks for the recommendation. Ed in new braunfels or you're welcome. Once again, highly recommend custody Maury on east Tropicana, and the city of Las Vegas anytime you are near and if you call them ahead of time, they'll come pick you up an old MO. For free. Free. Okay. Well around the subject of food. Plenty of artists we know with their own wines, or their own labels on wines and beer. I think this is the first the grocery chain Al D putting out eighties themed cheeses based on rock and roll axe. The cheeses hit stores today. And they're very limited. Names like pour some Gouda on me. Sweep. My girls just wanna have fun. Pena? What team is. Well, that's not true. I do now ten minutes ago. I didn't know find Tina is an Italian cow's milk cheese, and it is made throughout the year. But it's best during the summer because in the summer is when the Italians moved their cows to a higher altitude, and they feed on richer grass and that gives the fun Tina a more distinctive odor or aroma in aroma. Not the same thing. You don't go out and buy, you know, Senate odor candles. Let's see. Billy goat is my lover, brother. Michael. Gene. Mailing is mine. Totally clips of the RT. This bad is the original song, total eclipse of the heart. Certainly is in the top ten of the worst songs ever. What is her RTA by eat hearty, love of our delicious. White cheese. Yeah. Well, you haven't told me there's all kinds of white teases. It's like Swiss. But milder, I guess. Yeah. At an Oso nutty taste. If I wanted nut. So he nuts. Wake me up before you go. Go. All day. Yeah. Welcome to the club. Every time. My daughter comes to town dad, anyway, how can you pick up some cheese soon as she leaves take another frigerator throw it away. I don't even like the best thing dates stuff with goat cheese, wrapped in bacon. I'm telling you heaven heaven on earth. Do it. Don't know if I want to try that. But you know, the premise of anything would bacon is always a good premise. Yeah. The cheeses, by the way at your Aldis. Don't believe that we have one three dollars and forty nine cents while supplies last. Okay. I'll stick with the DVD brothers wine, and I don't drink wine. Either. Okay. Sean Hannity's warning minute is next..

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