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That it's It's unbelievable it's just Not to be involved it's It's fantastic. That's why i'm saying he's not easy to to win. But he's not because experience. Look at the smile across follows face when he re relive reason. Comments in his career is body language. Changed everything you feel. Those juices though did was there anything like did you take a piece of grass. Where you just like really centering yourself trying to soak in all that atmosphere because it's something that you work so hard in your career. When he got to those fine. I think it is but i've been reached that stage over that point. Catch a bit of the natural grass sunday or keeping the ball. You know so. I think for me you know likely that trophy. Obviously you have the members and the pictures as well so there's nothing nothing bettering the In my smile it is because not just we twice the champions league but but for example on my own my debut in that competition. We won so eminent. That was my first season inexperienced. Play you know this this massive Tournament and the and i remember. Just what two seasons before or something. I was playing the smaller club than sitting on the sofa. in big matches Dreaming left to play and be that as well and have that feeling and steer the people watching me like. I'm watching now the this massive games in. That's why like a smile. Because he brings memories and non life of blaming the champions league we'd be managed to for example report to so was the was something that excavated myself so he sees just realizing strict. And i it's fantastic. It's a really difficult club to get in winning the champions league with more than one club. So congratulations to you on a tremendous career. I want to pick your brain on your expertise playing along back line. And you're getting your badges right now. You're seeing the evolution of football. Can you speak to the difficulty that andreas christianson and says are as bleak. Wet race. James benn while they found themselves in several different formations. This season benca. Well and reese. James an nasr be as played all over the pitch guys being all together but having to learn new positions on the fly here not just play those positions but play them at the top level to get chelsea into the champions league final clarity and that was selected place now. He makes The minister life much easier whenever those of that they understand the positions. Whatever will be different position. They know what position demands. They and that is really good and important for the players night. It happened with me as well. Like a career as a as the center for than than i asked Opposition feel like. I ended up as as fullback in that was the position where changed my life but i was there and played at different positions in the end..

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