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Five million dollars us some titanic budget and a whole worldwide grosser fall of nineteen point. Four million dollars Toppling costs lewis tan. Jessica mcnamee as well as josh lawson wasn't nice and i guess that's just the peppering Friends lavas but again. If you do follow us on our socials you'll know at least for me in particular You know mortal combat as become my personality for the past few weeks and have it be for that reason We will get to that bullet. Stay in the camp. Be happiness For a little hoyle longer Let's go for first impressions as we talk through the films so we can leave. Twenty twenty one in case people having listened to it yet. Let's start off with the official nine hundred ninety five mortal kombat film so inr gaza phys impressions. I would love to not. You've mentioned that you've watched this many times. You played the game many times as a kid. Had it feel rewatching in the lead up to the two thousand twenty one film. It felt great. Great just watching characters that you loved playing as a kid and he had this company feeling like i. It made me feel enjoy of this. Stodgy feeling that it all all world. We can have a good welcome movie. The just as always to how great the game was for a lot of us growing up and a loved it. I loved every bit of it. Oh absolutely and you know we talk a lot about dimension but these characters a literal characters. Right johnny cage's fucking annoying but he's also self absorbed and that's what he is as a character right. You have come loud. That is very very serious. Kung lao is my favorite. And i'm very disappointed that we didn't see him in a lot. Really just the most recent film and you have guile in streetfighter like yeah we can talk about dimension if we wanted to but when it comes to video games you want them to be completely different yet. That wouldn't motherfucker in ticket right They even had obey like you want video games to be fun. You get the most ridiculous sort of characters whether be mortal kombat street fighter tekken because you wanna have fun you want to sit around with your cousins and your mates and you wanna bash each others heads through the screen but then it turned into a real life bashing of each other right and yeah. I absolutely agree here. Fully thoroughly enjoyed it re watching it. It was just one of those moments where you sort of forget because it was in the back of my mind especially after watching the most recent one ui we saw been playing. More combi lavenham playstation. Little memories back but just watching the not five version man. oh absolutely. This was a first time. What's for me I tried to play mortal combat when my older brothers weren't around i wasn't necessarily officially allowed to play mortal combat But this was the time. I wish to ninety ninety five vision and who who i fucking loved it Like you said there's so much campinas to it. But i love that was campinas because there is a dynamic within mortal kombat specifically way. You obviously have the kerr to it. Vogue volga goal but also at the same time. You have the goofiness in the comic relief as well right. I do believe that. There is a very Delicate balance in regards to mortal combat. I pay the gratuitous gore and vogue innis of it all..

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