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It's been. So entrenched in morial history thus rise I mean if you think Henry the eighth you say Henry. Your automatic reaction is oh. My goodness it's beheading. People being torture literally being butchered and obviously he didn't do that here. But the Tower of London, and that's where a lot of people were tortured for information and a lot more ghosts actually are seen. Yes because we've got two wives here, we've got Catherine Howard wife number five. We've got Jane Seymour Wife Number. Three. Jane was his favorite wife. She gave birth to edge word in Catherine of Aragon sold rooms actually the first wife sold rooms because her room's Ready in. Time. Gave Birth to these lovely boy Edward Who's going to be the future. With. The six Henry jubilant because he needed a son to continue the Tudor. Dynasty, that's why he married. So often to try and get this long for song, a woman never ruled successfully in England before he didn't want to leave it to his two remaining daughters, he's older to. Marry the first future Elizabeth the first. But unfortunately, twelve days after the birth contracted an illness and died and but she is seen. On. The silver stick says she lives on here lives on. Hey, just just as Catherine does. So how often do people take these go CDs spirit schedule. The wreck holds have actually been taken since Victorian period. So we've got quite a wealth of information and because of the time paypal lift at the palace is grace and favor residence. Of course if you live somewhere then you're more attuned to what goes on here the noises and the bumps and the critiques of the building and anything which is out of The ordinary, the kind thing that wakes you from your deep sleep at night and you think what was that was out of Shriek Oh and you either pull the close tighter or you if you're very brave, you go and investigate I, mean there's been some a residents with Jane. They've actually woken up especially servants and they've seen an apparition of a beautiful woman. All dressed in the WI with golden hair staring at them from the end of the bed. And I can tell you that some of those sevens they quit their jobs because it kept happening and I thought I'm just not paid to to deal with ghosts of Henry the. You know why we we need to be out of here I find it interesting that a lot of this spiritual. It, experiences of people. Involving the female figures, some sort of feminine traits, his earlier about spending. Absolutely. Eight point absolutely right. I mean in the palace the Polish soon soon makes you understand it's not just what you see is what you hear smell field touch. So it can assault any one of your senses when you least expect it and in the newer part of the palace that what we call the brookside built by Christopher Wren in the sixteen ninety s there is a series of private rooms which were really inhabited by Queen. Caroline who was the wife of George the second. So we're talking about the seventeen twenty, seventeen thirties. There is a ball through and then addressing table a little sort of a nice little area screened off. And in that room. Constantly. We have people saying they can smell roses or lavender or oranges. Now I smell Cedar Wood or sandalwood and as I think you know think about these smells they're very different from one another you call mistake oranges for the delicate smell roses and some people get nothing at all. And yet there's nothing in the room and there's nothing around or beneath the room which would engender these sense. And in fact, one experience I had quite recently I was standing in that room you know welcoming visitors and talking to visitors and it was there was a lull. And suddenly I felt as if somebody had stood before me with the perfume atomised. And literally gave a couple of squirts just in front of me. Now, I didn't feel any moisture but what I got was at Epi Center of purview that you get when you first. Sort of squirted onto your skin and I thought well, there's nobody around me and there's nothing causing this. So this is just another one of those unexplained events or are you a believer that I mean do you believe that there are ghosts here? There's paranormal here. Well, my view is the I agree with Hamlet. When he says to his friend Horatio in Shakespeare's play. Says there are more things in heaven and Earth Horatio. than. Are. Dreamt told in your philosophy. So as far as I'm concerned, there are things we can't explain if people say to me have experienced I respect that because I know that everyone's different. So I am very very open minded and I just think in some ways it's it's nice. It's lovely talking point and obviously records are written down a maybe in the future some scientific evidence I mean couple of hundred years ago we didn't have telephones or televisions, and yet they're all molecules in the as we hear some of these stories from our at members of the Royal Family. By about seeing the ghost of Queen Elizabeth the first. House has this assistant. At they'd but I've seen staff you their compensation of its former, stop the Nazis. SPEC that you can hear creeks from on the rules in the library. For Nights and I think it's a waste funds hit story still from carbon of the royal family where would you say is probably won't the Mexicans hit royal sites in the country I think it's got to be the time London I think lot went down in power. Seeing so many things, I mean if you think about it, there was so many people who were imprisoned. That means just in Henry the eighth time who were literally in there for so long I mean volumes in nothing here is in James the first time and basically they didn't know whether they were ever going to get out. They didn't know when the axe would suddenly four when it would be their last day. So it's heightened. Emotions and say to you about we've got the two. Queens here well in the tower. Obviously Katherine Howard and her cousin, and then we'll both wives of Henry and we'll be headed in the tower now. I'm believing she's the second wife I think probably the most famous people recognize which she seems.

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