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Of like some of de ngelo russell and nicky owns antics were some of the only bright spots we got from that year or two at the end of kobe's careers just watching him be like get outta my face i can't stand all of you i don't know how i ended up here it was great yeah and i guess my point there is he didn't just arrive at that sort of cynical version of himself by accident two years of him aging and the other guys being younger at a trendy volving and so on and so forth i mean they had to beg kobe to get on twitter whenever it was three or four years ago so he ended up there as part of a you know a natural evolution process and i guess my concern with lebron is obviously he's not at the same stages kobe was during that last retirement year but i was kind of hoping he would still oh really be true championship mode like he said during the playoffs for a little while longer and when i look at this move even in a best case scenario where they adequately leonard or they added demarcus cousins it's very hard for me to see the lakers being achieved chip team in two thousand nineteen i think best case scenario they're sort of in that mix in two thousand and twenty and then at that point i think you're starting to worry is lebron still in that window where he can be the number one guy on a true contender with given all the other young stars teams that have sort of accumulated around the league and so to me going back to the questioners point about we'll we'll he demand a trade to san antonio you know the answer is no this is what lebron has signed up for this is what he is prioritized he's said i wanna go to la beyond the biggest stage have the number one selling jersey be number one in all star votes you know be potentially back into the mvp race next year if he can kind of lead the lakers into you know good playoff positioning and he's he's a sensually just change the conversation so it's no longer about lebron versus the warriors and is he going to be able to pull off a miracle in the finals dow it's about lebron becoming the biggest and richest and most influential star imaginable and i guess you know part of me the basketball side of b is disappointed you know i would wanna see lebron kind of share my quote unquote values and kind of highlight teed like saito or maybe even houston given the way last season played out as the place where he could really chase michael jordan six rings where could keep basketball and winning sort of at the front of his attention and i think with this decision this is not necessarily a huge knock on him i'm not saying this in a negative way but i do think it's factual we've gotta say he prioritized celebrity fame the reality tv show nature of his life over pure basketball with this move he did i don't totally buy that i will say we got an email from joel near who said almost exactly what you said and so i i won't read it in full but he did say the business side of this is marginal in the long run and i find it depressing to see all these uninformed nba writers talking up silicon valley and hollywood business opportunities maybe i'm just tired of my consumption of the nba but this is what i think it just feels lame lebron's chasing something impure than basketball dominance his means are to another and then basketball glory so you basically agree with that correct i mean the first part is totally different question about us you know is he going to really be able to profit from this and all that but i agree with his his yeah i think it's going to be a smashing success in germany time you put a star this big this good at the top of his craft on this type of platform i mean he's made for la you know like the last question of his final press conference at the end of the season in cleveland he was asked if you ever wanted to own an nba team and instead of just giving a platitude andreas just giving the like oh one day i'll try to do it he starts off by going to his photographic memory bank and he.

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