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You're gonna get a good amount of rushing touchdowns those seven. And if jameis winston throws two touchdown passes tatum hill which isn't out of the question right. So you're going to get the points for both of those. I think so. Yeah he would say to right. Yeah it makes sense then. Yeah that does make sense. Zero touchdown passes the some hill. That's probably smart. Bet all right top ten. So yeah like tom brady or saints guys saints. You're not gonna get any rushing touchdowns really very maybe two quarterback too late however. It'll be gabar before trask. okay. I still think i'm going to go with brady. Okay tampa bay. Qb this is from pat. Gotti twelve man pr one qb dynasty league. I won the league last year. But i flipped some players last year. And turn it into the first pick of the rookie draft. Wow i'm thinking kyle pits or nashi harris. I have kamara. Henry and mike davis my tight ends or gronk tyler higby. Also what is a reasonable trade package to ask for if i want another top five rookie. Pig looking to trade henry and aaron rodgers for picks. What is receiver situation. Does he say because now as His receivers are great. I didn't chases the bec. Yeah we go. Chase pits nause in a vacuum. Yeah so and. I think i would hear too because i think is running backs. Good enough to keep them going for a few more years. But if he's looking to try and sell aaron rodgers for rookie pick. I mean you know you're probably looking at the back around one. But what if he throws in derrick henry henry rogers is that enough to get them to one. Zero three judd. I think rose you get into another three henry along can get them to one. I mean if you're one zero three year in rebuild mode. So you probably don't wanna do that but if you're looking to get a player's gonna help you now. You know what if you just had bad luck injuries last year and you have a really good team sure. Then you'd be interested in making that move. You could win now. Rogers henry and give up one. Oh three and that. Rogers and henry for one or three along.

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