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I I thought he was a guy who was really set to make a jump again that running back in the second year, he has some familiarity and I don't know that he's pause, he struggled on special teams. He's dropped three or four punts and, you know, that's something they're looking at. And again, with the running back room. So crowded Brandon, Bolden off to the great start that he's off to write down your new with JJ Taylor. I don't know, I I'm not ready to take them off the team just yet, but I'm I'm in there if he doesn't he doesn't go out and against Washington or Philly or one of these preseason games or maybe joint practices. I don't know. You definitely has not looked what I what either of us were expect like, you know, we really thought that he would have a huge camp and he definitely has not, I don't know that are running back over takes off Brandon bolden's been good but I think he was going to make the team either way. But you look at a guy like Rashad Barry who's contributing on special jobs and has had a great start. As a pass-rusher. Christian Wilkerson who again is a special teams contributor dead. If they want to keep an extra safety on the Ross talking, it I was actually thinking not to cut you off, but I was actually cuz we're going to talk about this position group, Nick Jakob Johnson, right? So that's another one. So that's the idea that six running backs is Ally. Yeah, modified spot space to keep an extra guy know the position you're going to go right to those six running backs. I had six coming in on my roster projection, becoming very very tough to justify that right now not that Taylor has been that bad but you have other guys like very like Wilkerson kind of coming out of nowhere and surprising and it you know he gotta get that wrong spot from somewhere. And again 6 running backs is especially if you're going to keep five wide receivers. If you want to keep you active Johnson and then that's essentially for tight ends. You're going to keep 16 skill position players, you're going to make almost a quarter. Your roster come from three positions. That that's a lot. That's a lot. Yeah, I agree. All right, let's talk about those tight ends. And fullbacks. We're going to talk about the virus humor. For two in a second. I don't think there's much to say about Johnny and Hunter Henry other than they've both practiced pretty much as advertised so far but Johnny Smith in particular. That guy is a beast. Like he is an explosive, a thing is huge. He's a great run-blocker, he's extremely versatile. I was kind of bullish early on on Hunter Henry and I think a big reason why is cuz they were working. So heavy in the Red Zone towards the beginning of training camp now that they've sort of gotten into the Run game stuff and got into the open field and, and played a little bit more between the twenties. John is Smith's just versatility, and, and just kind of ability to do everything, well, like he does everything. Well, it only thing that maybe you can say that he needs to fine-tune just a little bit. Is his downfield routing but he's explosive enough that he's able to still get open on more simplified route trees, right? Like crossers and and stuff like that or shall crossers, she's been great on. He is a dog..

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