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What they're all about in the ring I've really gotten a lot of attention here. beverage of again being around everywhere and Some of the ones that you were talking about here as well the Stepbrothers that's a combination of guys that have been in some different spots here and there. But that's james ryan chance riser. The the heart killers are Chris avello in tommy django which they again have been one of those groups but again. We're talking about chris. Mellow ago has been lot of replaces. But it's one of those groups. That's bid bridging the gap between east tennessee and western carolina. And how they've been working in that part of the world Saw django at the last. Cw event as a lumberjack in one of the matches there so he apparently is now available to work in south. Carolina's wilson. Those good start to come down here with that particular tag team All were no soul you weren't you won't find a more red meat faced teen like in anywhere and point I really felt terrible for brady college. When he had the situation with his to there but terrible injury to have happened in the middle of match like that. But at the same time able to overcome. It is a tough kid. I've known him for a while. Let me tell you i to anything to quick break. Concert number one. I watched the that. He didn't flinch it he he takes he doesn't reach and phillies mouth he just kind of goes along with it But you know brady couple. Years ago had torn. He tore his meniscus on friday night at a show came to power matto and wrestled and he wrestled drew adler. They it was. It's one of my favorite matches. I've ever filmed because the whole batch was built around okay. You're getting made at surgery. We're gonna make like you're really out really was out injury but it was. It just showed the fact that brady shows up with the term discus in works the match in and there was a great match. And you can watch that on that. So s custom network so yes. Oh great great tags there. Let's move on to the big two female wrestler year nestle year who who are on list for female wrestler of the year. While i want to start off by saying folks who are out there as promoters and whatnot. You won't add some diversity to your show. Look at the there in the area. Don't pretend that they're not good. Female talents in this part of the world. Because there are and you can add them to your show and you can have that one extra level in terms of being not just new pairs of guys going out there and tried to beat each other up all of that it can be. You can have a ladies match. You can ask them comedy. You can have or whatever it will make it a diverse show that really gives people their money's worth but You can do that by looking at it this list picking this whole group here if you wanted to. But we'll start off by looking this career with the dream girl. Ellie ila envy savannah evans. Caitlyn marie sadie lee. Moss selena rose broken. Roxie and samantha star now all the categories..

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