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I only put up sixty nine points. In the other you know dud for this week mike evans. I mean that was just thrown. Also robert tanya but that also was a product of rodgers. Not playing. well. But mike evans. Just i mean. He was not good in in the game thursday. I mean i thought he was going to have a good game you know. He came out he had that nice. Tenure reception i believe but then after that did nothing antonio brown was getting involved gronk godwin i mean those guys were producing and that may and that worries me because of grog is back to being wrong in ab. Now you've got a full year him. You know where does that. Leave mike evans. Now is mike evans. Really going to be. You know a guy that's going to be heavily involved in this offense. I do think so but is he going to be consistent. Probably nine so. I think if you have my evans on your team you do have to be concerned. This was a guy that you know. I could have passed up on. Godwin coulda got amari. Cooper keenan allen this is for my dynasty league and i passed up on getting those guys in pick mike evans. Because i don't know. I just wanted to take a chance on mike evans. In you know what really has not lived up to it and again. It's only one game. So i'm overreacting but i mean this is what he does though as a fantasy player is he has these kinds of games and it's frustrating. Because you know what he's capable of and if he continues down this path i mean. I don't know if i want to start him. I think my a b. is my is my wide receiver to and probably just sit. You know. Mike evans if he if he keeps doing this i know again. It's only one game but you know what that's concerning. And i had guys like melvin gordon and jamaal williams produce on my bench so you know what maybe those guys might be inserted into my starting lineup. Who knows but again. It's only one week. If we get further. And further into the season and they continue to be inconsistent or or injured. They're not going to be in my starting lineup. And i don't think roger's gonna drop one point a game. I don't think that's gonna happen. I think against the lions is going to have more favorable match up. So if you have rogers definitely start next week definitely going to have a much better but you know that was just not good and then you move onto my other dynasty. I only had ninety nine points in that game. Rogers three point three two fantasy points. I think the scorings a little bit different I did not start joe. Mixon and joe mixon had twenty five points against the vikings played really well and i think if i definitely if i started him i would have been a lot better position who i ended up starting so rogers chase edmunds where he most devante. Cd lamb. I you tanya antonio brown fornet mason crosby vikings defense. I thought the vikings defense was going to be really good and it was not it was not good against the bengals. Okay the bengals. We're able to move the ball. You know you're marceca touchdown higgins at a touchdown. Mix was pretty good in this game. He also had a touchdown. So i'm definitely starting next week. He played really well. I am definitely going to start him next week when they play the bears because the bears just were awful. They cannot stop the run. I also sat the steelers defense. Because i thought the bills were going to do a lot. Better on offense. And sort of the vikings defense and yeah. That was just not good. So i really you know did not make smart decisions at as a fancy manager it would have been a lot closer to the match up and you know most got her. Which killed me. I you got hurt which also killed me. Rogers underperformed and then also hurt the production of tanya and davante show. If i actually started mixing you know if i started the steelers defense i would have been a lot better position if arjun devante played better than being a lot. Better position as well and i didn't do that and my team is now going to be on one in this league as well and listen. I liked chase. Edmunds going up against tennessee. He did okay. Fourteen point six fantasy points. That are all right. And i do think that going forward. You know he's still going to be involved in the passing game. And if you have chase edmunds. He's a guy that you want to start in your flex because you know being more involved in the passing game. He's going to you know points per reception so v. especially pr. He's a guy that you're gonna wanna start your lineups if it's standard. Don't start him because you know him. And james connor split carry. So it's going to be hard for him to produce. I was hoping to find the end zone. But he didn't. And most you know got hurt against detroit. Loved his matchup against short and he played really well and i just traded for him. Because you know jay. Dobbins tornado. Seattle gus edwards torn. Acl acelle tours. Kelly so i mean. I'm losing running backs like crazy. So i trade for most or now he might possibly be out for the year with a knee. Injury left with a knee injury. So i hope it's not serious and i hope he does come back but i mean that's just as just really bad so it says i'm looking at the report now. So remo does not have an acl injury so that's really good but it's just it's annoying that this guy just keeps getting injured so if you have other running max on your team if you if there's some forty nine running backs available to you and you have moster then you've got to pick them up because allies. Your mitchell had a pretty good game so he could be the lead running back. Moving forward with Is out for extended period of time. So you can look to that as being an option. If most is out for a while. But i i mean that's just it's frustrating. I mean i try. I can't catch a break running backs. I just can't you know. Jacob dominance my first pick gone gus edwards the backup gone i trade for moster. And now he's gonna be out for. Who knows how long but you know it's just frustrating so pretty much all my leagues. You know it's coming down to the wire and it's gonna come down to the wire pretty much tomorrow kind of i mean. I do have lamar jackson. Starting but right now i'm up. One nineteen point one six to one zero five point three eight now. They have the ravens. Defense and lamar jackson. So odds are. I think i'm going to win. But i'm really nervous about this game with lamar. Because i mean his receiving core is healthy. And i'll go into more specifics. In the next segment preview the monday night football game and talk about the match ups there but i i mean i'm really nervous about this game because i don't know what they're gonna do at running back Devante freeman levy on bell. They of all these these interesting that it was twenty sixteen and be amazing but right now not so much and i think we're more will do fine because i don't you know i i don't overall..

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