Faulkner, Mississippi, Football discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show - Hour Four: Dr. Charles Wilson on with Paul.


I konic books light nagas had very little to do with the opening of college football season it's true but faulkner actually wrote about the ball their one of these novels the hamlet he has this character look those who comes each it's kind of like you bear by it really ease official version of derived whitney thirty years before bryant came on the same but this character lebow village eight uh a an awful lot sharecropper uh farming in rural mississippi but the big omiss coach and get a mythic again a fictional coach offers them food and shelter if he'll play football on saturday afternoon any does any less any fines uh this this spirit within here within him uh that is released on the football field every saturday afternoon he carries the football it's a wonderful kind of deep literary portrayal of of this football player i have to ask you quickly i i envy john grisham recently um certainly a proud the a graduate of both mississippi state and and now he's he's a big sports fan but but i i missed the faulkner era in oxford uh did was he a fan he was not a fan of course she's got to remember the football stadium mentioning late stadium in any way of course a day he was not food to fill is named for the believes the other great rival to faulkner's the great one two three writer uh the faulkner was a great golfer he loved golfing of all things um but he was not a particular football fan as far as i know um so regrettable i i just sort of you would have been so much fun to talk about the games coming up on saturday dr wasn't thank you i i can't tell you how much i appreciate your time in uh hopefully we will be able to revisit the subject and it's not going away thank you thank you i enjoyed it how how cool uh dr charles wilson who recently retired after thirty years uh uh.

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