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Right we've talked about that some have frozen polar water ice or frozen ice surfaces entirely but titan has liquid lakes on terrestrial surface however those lakes are not the water lakes we know in love titan has a hydrocarbon hydrological system which translates to seize and rivers of liquid methane so in the equatorial region there's this vast desert of ancient water waterways ancient riverbeds and dried up coastlines and toward the poles you'll come across clouds and storms and methane lakes now tighten itself is it's it's mass is composed mainly of water in the form of ice hockey material in fact titan is so cold negative two hundred ninety degrees fahrenheit or a negative one hundred seventy ninety celsius they'd water essentially acts like rock and lava do on our world yeah so the ground you walk on i guess i it's ice moseley but it is water water ice that acts like rock yeah so it's it's crazy to think about that that it's this this sells like an alternate dimension where everything's a little skewed instead of a set of oceans of water it is it's this other substance and in the rock is actually water it's like everything's turned on its head and topsy turvy totally true and that's actually something that's covered in a fantastic lecture that i listened to give an in two thousand eleven by the nasa planetary scientists christopher mccay about the possibility of life on titan and i listen to this lecture i thought it was great and i just wanted to cover some of the things he talks about and maybe we can have a discussion about what they mean but a so in this christopher mccay lecture he begins by noting a curious fact so several years back we had detected that titan's atmosphere features a hydrogen flux toward the surface that means there's hydrogen in the atmosphere ended appears to flow down to the ground and then not come back up so what's happening to the hydrogen on the surface of titan we will come back to that question so mckay talks about how all forms of life need some way of harnessing energy so on earth their two primary strategies you've got like photosynthesis right capturing sunlight energy and then.

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