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Colefax worse drew lock. What's he up to drew? Lock is working hard staying sharp during the lockdown. But before everything went down he was visiting to. He was visiting in Missouri staying with his parents hanging out and then everything hits so he just stood stood still. He stated his Parents House. It's just a funny headline because it's a Broncos. Drew Lock working hard to stay sharp during lockdown at Parents House. He's he's young. He is young man so of course he's visiting he stay in there but he's been hunkered down at his parents house and it's actually kind of kept him. I Dunno somewhat ready. He said you know what I'm around my parents. It's great where we're connecting and everything's awesome there but I'm not really thinking of the pressures necessarily. I'm just taking that time to to continue to learn to continue to grow and study up on. What's needed for this offense going forward? And that's that's the tough thing I mean. We've we've talked about this a lot. It always certainly giving drew. Lock the keys to this car keys this Lamborghini and he's giving them a lot of weapons and you got the new offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. There's going to be a lot for drew. Lock to learn. So there's there's a part of me that looks at and says man. All the pressure is on drew. Lock because of the weapons. Because of what's expected of this offense now but there's also a sense of you gotta give them a little bit of a break. You know. Aaron Rodgers and Philip Rivers even Philip rivers learning new offense you. Those guys are veterans. They've been doing it for a long time. Locks only played five games so the tough part is when you put the we are going to put pressure on him. He can't be terrible you know. He can't even be below average she has to be average least But the tough part for him is the fact that he's young. And this goes for any quarterback this goes for any rookie or this goes for any guy that just started last year was just starting to get their feet underneath them in this league. That is going to be tough but especially a guy in drew lock where you're placing your offensive coordinator. You Bring Pat Shurmur. You have a lot of new weapons which sounds great on paper. But I'm still curious as to how this is all going to work out. You have a lot a lot of Saul tight ends now at least again on that proverbial paper. You have guys that should pack a little bit of a punch on the tight inside of it. You went and got. Melvin Gordon. You like what? Melvin Gordon is going to bring to this team but again I'm curious. How does that all work do you do? Do you look at it and say. Hey we're we're going to. We're going to add so many different bells and whistles this offense. You're never going to know where we're coming from. We might have to back set. We might have a tight to back set with two tight ends and then one wide receiver. We may have no wide receivers receiver again. You bring in a lot of tight ends. You know you have no a fan you picked one up and you picked up in the in the off season and then you drafted one so that to me says yeah we kind of like the tight end game here you picked you picked okay web on in the fourth round which is a kind of guy that I think. He's not that doesn't mean he's going to be an instant producer next year right. It just means he's going to be a nice add on to what we already have. With Noah Fan. So is it going to be? Are we going to see some heavy sets tight ends and running backs? Then you have Sutton and Jerry Judy and K J handler and it may be tyrod Cleveland seventh but still wide receiver you can convince certainly is going to see three or four wide receiver sets in there as well so again. I am pumped up. I think it's going to be fun. I Won't lie to you though. I'm definitely looking at it saying maybe. There's a reason to reserve your expectation of the Broncos scoring twenty seven points per game twenty twenty three points per game in in theory. That's GONNA work out but game one. Who's game one going to be against? We don't know yet. That's why you gotTa Watch. The three hour in fell schedule special tomorrow night. Cove exciting to watch the depart tonight. So you can figure out by watching a three hour special. What's going to be available three hours later? Just by googling it without the excitement. It's true you sometimes. I guess you do WanNa see here. Some of the the specialists talk about the bachelor ups and stuff but I mean I could go look up the plotline for the departed right now and that's true you can look. You could look at all the decent point saying you. You could go. Google all of it really. I would've last year. I'm not a big. Nfl Schedule Release Guy. Because you just get the schedule and then you piece it together as you go but yes tomorrow night. I will be watching that. I haven't watched one in a while. Now I've I've I'd say you know. Ever since they start. I think it was a one hour special. It started and then they started increasing. Its too and this year. You're like we're starving man. We need to do a lot more in this. You throw out three three hours for sure. So that's coming up tomorrow night. That'll be interesting. Our power to play sports. Poll question of the day was more of a nuggets. We talked a little nuggets last two nights or to last two days. Something Airshow night show is a call. Yokich true superstar and I'm GonNa give you my finishing thoughts on that when we come back forty seven minutes.

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