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Touch down in the last eleven Porter they had gone the previous ten without allowing a touchdown that's the defense I'm speaking of teams longer streak actually twelve quarters during the regular up to mid season when the what twelve quarters the judge got a touchdown remember in a playoff game but that wasn't on intercepted pass Harry Carson taking one in a one Miami struck for the touchdown with only forty five seconds left in the first quarter that was the first time the Niners defense argued with a touchdown in eleven forty five now that office of course are threatening to do it once again in the second quarter well I'd be a little inclined here to think the forty Niners would back off and trying to pin down there for man rush rather than blitz anybody like they did that last time gamble work in their favor Joe roses come in he would be a guy would watch in this a tight end number eighty he's a very effective guide despite having only caught twelve balls this year no Marino knowing that the outside guys going to be under pressure let's see read something early that rose could be the man had Joe roses ready now lining up on the right side is a tight end going wide over there news won't do for calling signals once again is Dan Marino from a shotgun formation he throws over the right corner to there was a case of the ball was back to the receiver at the last moment pulling up those arms and then the knocking that ball of away that's exactly what he did he played it as a as a defensive man in basketball he did not they started playing says they can't keep me out of the end zone Ronnie played his eyes and threw his hands up excellent and here they have to go for a field goal attempt now do it because often kicking and don stock holdings from the twenty one of thirty one yard drive for three points for Miami in the closing fifteen seconds behalf putting falls flat ninety three eighteen and the now by fifteen as it is good a thirty one yard field goal on the part of davon shaman the first time Miami has been able to get any points in their last for possession so the Niners will get a kick off here the clothes and twelve seconds all of this the first half of play hi head twenty eight to thirteen they're right there a big boost for the Niners defense in keeping the office of the ends on there has to be frustrating as badly as they are in need of points yes but it also shows you the striking power Miami because with less than two minutes they started their fifteen yard.

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