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The father of josh powell steven i came into the spotlight when police were investigating the disappearance of josh his wife susan cox powell in two thousand nine steven was convicted of taking video of two neighbor gross rebecca room window and oak arbor man shot by a police officer this morning this happened at city beach park in front of a drivers licensing office on bayshore dr nordiana what led up to the shooting but the man was taken to a hospital this is the fourth officer involves shooting in the puget sound area since saturday at saturday's shooting the gunmen killed by police after shooting of fame bridge island it turns out he was a former amazon employees recently a victim and sued by his landlord more from cairo radio santa scott guys are had his boat moored in south like union but stuck paying has rent last year that led to a lawsuit by his landlord innovation a couple of weeks after that he got a dui in seattle and a court records in the civil suit filed by his landlord he said that he suffered from depression which had only gotten worse after he lost his job at amazon and because of the dispute with his landlord seattle's new navigation center will start taking referrals starting tomorrow the centres located at the pearl warren building that will allow homeless people to come and go as they please stay up for sixty days and bring their pets sand significant others seattle's the crane capital of america for the second year in a row according to project management firm writer levitt bucknell seattle has fifty eight cranes working in the city 22 more than los angeles and three times as many as new york city and mercer island teen who landed a one on one interview with secretary of defense says that he learned a lot about politics about history at about how to hold yourself like mad dog maddux early whole faye being kloffe humble and really take nakata it was just a really nice thing to do eddie fisher decided to try to get in touch with mattis after noticing a picture in the washington post carrying a stack of papers and included mattis's private phone number a check on your forecasts now sunny and warm we're going to see highs creeping closer to eighty in the.

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