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Even inbounds plays were totally disrupted now the question becomes can houston do this again can they play that hard can they play that tough can compe j tucker at six five get sixteen rebounds can kevin durant be that lost will klay thompson disappear i don't know i doubt it but for two hours after that time out down twelve nothing the best basketball player team in the world was not the golden state warriors best basketball team in the world for two hours last night was houston and they did what you gotta do to beat a dynasty take them off road dynasties are more skilled dynasties are comfortable they're like wealthy people they got somebody doing this this this this very rarely uncomfortable that was uncomfortable golden state was completely out of their comfort zone you go look at the box score in the fourth quarter oh my god that's not because golden state doesn't have four hall of famers that is a team that is completely emotionally and physically out of sorts not sure they can do it again but for two hours best team in the world was the houston rockets let me segue to this you're the best at anything there's a lot of pressure right if you're the best dentist in the town people talk about you t done it dr williams guys the best there is a pressure to being great lebron james plays tonight there's a pressure for him to perform now a lot of people argue especially at this time of the year when kevin durant going a bunch of points he is he is every bit lebron some says better than the braun but kevin durant never faces the pressure that lebron james does so last night katie as the ball down to twelve seconds left here we go for who many of you call the best player in the world let's roll the tape please.

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