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A couple of other things that are really related to you one. I want firsthand talk about this idea that you monkey with scripts and i just wanna i wanna i wanna give you a writer's perspective and then talk through because when you showed up on the first movie now movie rounders showed up on the first movie. I remember you came up with five of the best lines in the movie and That wasn't monkeying with the script. And i remember the being a writer and Around the first day you came up to david me and you said something like hey. I have an idea for this. Maybe maybe the line isn't this. That and the rhythm and rounders is so specific. And i remember having a moment of panic which is where any of these disagreements come from is creative panic where you're worried the ground gonna fall out from under you and i and then david i just saying to you. Hey pants anything of us. If we can have a relationship where you're gonna come up with things if a feels weak and you have a better line if we can then say to you. We don't think that one's better keep going. And i don't know how much you remember this but i remember we would get in this rhythm where sometimes we'd say. Hey dude reason this has to be like the way it is because it plays in these three ways and you went. Oh yeah of course done or you would say something like snow and perogie shit and and i find your contributions to be so additive and that if somebody meets you i just want to say on the record with you here like if somebody meets you from a place of security and a place of trying to make the work better. It's a fucking delightful experience to work with you and and it only makes the end result better but i think if somebody comes from a place of holding on incredibly tightly then it can be difficult because of the part of you. That's like lionel in motherless brooklyn. Because what i see when you tell the story about lionel and you say well it's an actor you see all sorts of reasons why the character was appealing to you. But what. I see having watched you and thought about this stuff. A lot is your like lionel. Aren't you in that if thing like if you can hold when you get something in your head that it's not landing right in creatively in store. You're trying to tell as an actor. I just think you have to chase it down until it feels right. Yeah the there's a bit in the movie where he talks about in muddles brooklyn. He talks about how he can't stop doing the thing if it doesn't sound right last and that that's that that that comes from A thing i saw in a documentary The member chris jackson nba player mohammed abdul. What what did he i. Isn't that the name roof. Yeah right sorry. I forgot the. I'm pretty sure yeah. I think you're right. I know him as a player. I wasn't tuned into him player. Yes but in the documentary about people with tourette's he was still chris foreign so He talks about the reason. He has threats and the reason he became one of the reasons he became a great free throw. Shooter was that he couldn't stop pro. He couldn't leave practicing free throws until he hit ten in a row. Where the sound of the net was exactly right a row. And i remember thinking that's amazing. That's that's so wild. The big and i really related to that. Like i really related to that. I the compulsive nece all my life. Since i was a kid. I've had a compulsive impulse to mimic people to like zelic blake to if i'm talking to someone with a chinese accent i start unconsciously. I can't stop myself from like my brain gets completely fixated on what is what are they doing. What is the shape of the mouth. That's producing that sound. And i was talking about this. With larry wilmore the other day. Because he's he's good impersonations. He's so smart and we talked lan. I had a really interesting talk about the the being very young and being so obsessed with the sound of people's voices that you're almost like in a movie you're doing a mental processing on. What does the tongue look. Where is the tongue in the mouth. That's producing that sound. You know what. I mean us and and i think i talked about this with matt. Sometimes matt's very good matt damon's does great impersonations and stuff. And and i remember. I remember sitting in the car when we were doing the stuff down at princeton. A or whatever we're sitting in the car and he was doing either morgan freeman or read with so you guys are all time doing midnight run. We're doing all kinds of things. We were doing different ones but it was funny because He kind of everybody does matt mcconaughey. And i think everybody is pretty good but matt's house maybe the best if good. Justin long's is really really good. Have you ever heard. I believe you. It's really good. And jim carey says was not bad either on saturday night. Live but there is a this is going down the rabbit hole but there's this whole You know you know. I have a cold right now. I can't mcconnell thing was in strings the whistle. He has is whistling teeth right. There's the and the funny thing is ian mckellen. Has that too like when you're talking to income. So yes it's that and he really does this. Wonderful He one time said to me when we were both up for the oscars or something. He goes oh. My diphu might do boy. That's it's given this fun and he goes no. It's horrible because i wanted. I wanted talk. Maybe last and i said oh you know i think maybe you're gonna get it 'cause tom scott need a couple of times and my thing with the swastika and nick nolte's pretty dark. You know you know. Like i know it could be your year into said ian goes He said he goes because was fine. You'll wonderful you wanna pay anyone as long as it's not that fucking italian clown no really on tv. Who then of course. Scott it so saying about this obsessed was put say he was being funny but you with the thing that i recognize because it does. I think is the way that you're misunderstood. Edward which is the when someone is an actor and they're the reputation is they're gonna fuck with stuff it. It presupposes that the things shouldn't be fogged with. An suppose is that you came into it saying you wouldn't fuck with it but it also presupposes that it's driven by ego and a driven by need to make yourself look good and i've never seen that right point. Let's talk. can you talk about it a little yet. I think there's there's layers upon layers Of horsh it in in what you would call like Reputational things the the first is that is what you said that.

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