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Last one for me is and these are people you've covered a lot over the course of your ESPN tenure. That's Keith Olbermann and Chris Berman. How would you evaluate right now? ESP. Relationship with Keith Olbermann because he's been doing a lot of stuff more stuff than we expect it. And do you expect Chris Berman to have any kind of reemergence city? SPN? I don't expect him to come back and host their Sunday morning show, but I wonder, I wonder if under Petar. Oh, and under Connor shell of maybe we'll see more Berman heading forward than we might have under a John skipper universe. By the way. I know. I think you'll find this amusing, I do love the fact that he SPN under Petar talking about. We're not a political company. We, you know, we're not left wing a right wing where in the sports business and who they bring into the fold. But one of the most famous left leaning commentators in the history of our country, Keith Olbermann who to his credit has not touched sports on his Twitter feed or anywhere else. In the last seven months, he's been incredibly disciplined. I give him props for that. Well, that was part of the deal, obviously, no doubts, no doubt. Look, I think that let's start with firm and you know, you came on stage last night to introduce John Elway and Dan Marino who gave Jim Kelly the award. I think that one of the things that has happened with Chris Berman. It's been interesting both inside ESPN and to a certain degree to a significant degree. I think outside is that as much as he, you know, he has this cadre of naysayers particularly on on Twitter, but I think that people have really missed him. And I think that there is general agreement that countdown is one of the great shows that he has ever done. One of the, I think one of the best NFL shows that have been done, and I think that people were pretty tough on him in the waning years of his full-time work at ESPN and those people. I mean, I know for fact, I mean, I talked to people like God. Gotta go gotta go, and now they're, they're missing him. I think that Chris Berman as a has a lot of admirers and respect in an kind of fun is from people that he didn't have during the last several years and he s PIN. And that's kind of ironic. Just it's just it's just the way that it panned out. But I do think in the case of Obermann look, the norby Williamson was incredibly influential in bringing Keith back John skipper prior to his departure, I think, had even bigger plans for Keith. And I think that one of the things that once you got past Keith, keeping the promise or making making sure that he was gonna keep the promise to keep politics out of it. There's no doubt about his occupation. I think it was pretty extrordinary when he went to went back to Bristol earlier this year..

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