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Word okay gogel do you understand spanish i speak spanish okay gogel why don't you understand what i'm saying and spanish i'm snow learning and i can translate for new just ask okay google translate that spicy tho slowing yes she wasn't telling me to say it slowly that's literally what thus lethem means and after asking twenty three times here's what finally happened okay gogel play this spicy tho sure d'esposito by louise fonzie i the y with it burns in her spanish happy larry this small miracle would not have been possible so here's theory two by tunisia gugel home needs training even of youtubers while the song maybe the people using this new device aren't asking for it as much so more people have to ask and have to ask in different accents to make the computers r more responsive so that knows that people don't just say this where this way they also say it this way and so it just needs example snow maybe they found unlikely given what a mega hit we're talking about for what it's worth sharia himself does not believe gugel has some agenda against latin music a a doing thinks them given that it's been played funding four and a half billion times a new in the book artificial honey npr news san francisco no luke two but feed the pig alone new blood thank you you're welcome this is npr news coming up next it's marketplace although before that its traffic with julie deppish now new problem in alamo a couple cars lighting nor six 84 low foreigner road second lane for the left is taken away zero that backup to al cerro good news for hercules finally clear the overture and pickup truck from highway four eastbound before willow avenue and who acts in san francisco no this is southbound 280 before ocean geneva couple of vehicles but they did get to the right shoulder julie deppish for kqed andrulis.

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