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Count twists interviews since this. This is all begun and even in the last couple of months. I I'm sure you've lost count now but I'm wondering what is the most common question that you get asked in interviews? Probably the first one I did. His and people can hang their head and say. When is this going to all be over? And I don't know the answer to that question if I'm honest about my my guesstimate. And it's just that a guest in that no earlier than the winter of twenty twenty one and then people will tell me about symptoms. They've had and will ask me. Do you think I had Kobe? And you know the answer to that is evolving. Because what we're learning. Is that a lot of people have been infected in. Don't know it or had very minimal symptoms that they didn't attribute odd to Cogan. What's the evidence for me saying? That will just recently in. L. A. In California. They've done widerspread testing. I think that's about seven hundred thousand people something like that. Lo and behold about four plus percent of them are testing positive so by antibody tests meaning that they had been infected and as we talked about the numbers are probably even higher than that because the serology tests are not quite where they need to be and I think in in various locations in the US. We're GONNA find out that a lot of us probably were infected and really didn't know or attributed to you know a flu or something like that that would be very valuable to know it would be very reassuring and it would be he piece of how we in. A careful staged way as back into normal operations. Some sobering information actually. Is there anything else that you'd like to share with us before we go today? Greg you know I think the one thing we've touched on it. Sometimes that would courage all of our listeners. To as we all are learned from this and that is we are a bit cavalier in our culture about respiratory diseases. It's just the flu or well. Just have a little cough and people go to work. Go to school sick. They visit people in nursing homes in the hospitals. When they're ill. I think one of the things that I'm hoping will come out of this is that people will take respiratory diseases end of vaccines that we have available for them much more seriously and will be a more zealous in in guarding one another against the widespread transmission of these diseases. These masks might be here to stay for a while. Well thank you very much Dr Greg Poland virologist an infectious disease expert from Mayo Clinic. We've been visiting with today and thank you all for joining us on Mayoclinic Cuny.

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