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Is that if it does not happen before the end of this legislative session, there are so many other priorities and concerns that will drowned out all this unique political moment. Right now we have the Legislature's attention, but if we don't move now, the fear is that it does. I get addressing an appropriate way. The reform bill picked up political moment and after the death of George Floyd, the black man whose death with the police officers need to his neck in Minneapolis, touched off a wave of protest nationwide at the Statehouse. Mike Macklin w B Z Boston's news radio New information emerging about the case of Briana Taylor, the young black woman Who was shot and killed back in March in her own home by Louisville police executing a known OG warrant. She remained alive and breathing after being shot multiple times by officers. But CBS is Jeffrey Gazed. House has no medical assistance was provided March 13th Raid remains under investigation by the FBI and the Kentucky State attorney general. Police targeted the home erroneously believing that it was being used by a drug dealer to receive packages. Taylor's death has been a rallying cry for protest across Louisville in the country. Demonstrators have called for criminal charges against the officers involved. He also tells as police did not find any drugs inside that apartment in Portland, Oregon. Protests continue as the Trump administration vows to crack down On the weeks of violent rallies and demonstrations. Protesters there are now alleging that federal officer sent in by the Department of Homeland Security are making unlawful arrests and detaining people without cause. Governor Kate Brown says the president is attempting to distract the country from his pandemic response. And the Oregon has asked for assistance and has been rebuffed by the Trump Administration believe that this is an attempt by the Trump administration to distract from his failure to lead and By strong leadership. Ah national response to the cova, £19 multiple videos posted online showing camouflage clad officers without clear identification badges using force an unmarked vehicles to transport arrested protesters in the state of mounds of truce. It's with one exception well into phase three of the re opening of businesses during the covert 19 crisis. The city of Somerville holding out Sommerville has now moved its date for the Face. Three starting Monday, August 3rd Mayor Joe Carder Tony says he wants to see Corona virus numbers, stay study or trend downward. He also referenced in New York Times hot spot tracker, which he said shows cases moving upward in the Middlesex County over the past two weeks. He believes Face three started far too early hereabouts. Choose it, and he's also pointing to other states like California. That air seeing a major resurgence recently of the covert 19 virus. Ah factory in Alabama is trying to meet the need for millions of vials to deliver a covert 19 vaccine. Once that's officially created, CBS's Jane got a tour of the factory contracts don't mean goods in hand. That is always a A wrist quantity conference for is not quantity you can fastest vaccine for the mums was developed in four years. The government compares this effort to putting a man on the moon. $163 million being invested to expand and upgrade the plan in Auburn, Alabama,.

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