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Get ten percent off their first month with Discount Code. D T H. That's better help dot com slash D T H. Why not get help? Better help dot com slash t t h partout sight. And sound the the down. The hell do you. Do you believe you know what hill that was that they went down right down there and is that a steep hill is at a walkable hill was pretty rough terrain. We're about to hear from the FBI as well and they are in this from the beginning helping to process evidence found at the scene and also helping to put together a profile of what kind of person might have done this the FBI's initial involvement in this case was sort of by happenstance and agent happened to be in town visiting family and decided to go and participate in the search for the girls. First night heard the call for volunteers and went out and so the FBI was certainly aware of what was going on very early. Nine days ago. we had an agent that was participating in the search for the missing victims. And from that moment until this morning we have stood shoulder to shoulder with our law enforcement partners here the FBI plays an important support role in this investigation joint investigation. And I'd like I'd like to community to to go back to the afternoon of February thirteenth Monday February thirteenth. And just think if you had an interaction with an individual who inexplicably cancelled an appointment that you had had together or An individual called into work sick and cancelled the out and out an important appointment or social engagement and at the time gave what would have been a plausible explanation myself own broker. I had a flat tire on my car. But in retrospect that excuse no longer holds water that may be that may be important. Just a note he's about to say may thirteenth. He clearly means February likely. So our behavioral indicators that this individual may have exhibited since the afternoon of May thirteenth did this individual travel unexpectedly. Did they change their appearance today? Shave their beard cut their hair change the color of their hair. The Superintendent mentioned the close at this individuals wearing in the photo. Did they did? They changed the way they dress. Did their behavior change their sleep. Pattern is different now. Did they start abusing a drugs or alcohol where whereas they would not have been anxious nervous? Irritable have they followed this case and the media's putting out With a with a sense. That is not normal. have they had ongoing discussions regarding Their their whereabouts on that afternoon or thereafter and so while Superintendent Carter starts a dialogue with the killer. This is more of an appeal to the killers friends and family because he probably does have friends and loved ones who may already be wondering. What's what's up what's going on and all of this while there are billboards going up all over the country states including I saw one here in Atlanta. There's a public service announcement that goes out to all of the Indiana radio outlets. I'm sorry. Tony Slocum Indiana State police at approximately twelve fifteen pm February fourteenth two thousand seventeen the bodies of Abigail Jay Williams. Thirteen and Liberty Rose Lynn German. Fourteen both from Delphi Indiana found in the wooded area near the Delphi historic trails. East to Delphi Indiana. Okay let's get back to the press conference at this time. I would like to invite Captain Day. Burston Chief Public Information Officer for Indiana State Police to the podium for the last seventeen minutes of this briefing authorities have been giving shape to the evidence that's been released normally oppressor like this is largely routine with a lot of procedural questions. There are rarely surprises. But when Dave Burston top spokesman with the Indiana state police comes to the microphone. There is a brand new headline. Thank you we do. Have some new information for you today. It's in the form of audio file from the cellphone. The Liberty German had with her at the time. We're not going to play everything that we have but liberty had the presence of mind to turn on video camera again. We're not going to be able to share everything with you but we are going to share this audio clip with you momentarily with the hope that somebody will recognize this voice. I want to be very clear that what you're about to hear is just four short words. Excuse me three words down the hill. You're going to hear this played four times. The audio quality is not superb. But there's enough there that somebody could recognize this person's voice and a Superintendent Carter said not to rationalize away if you hear this today and you think my God that sounds like fill in the blank. Call US. Make an anonymous tip. Tell us who you think. It is. Let us investigate it. If it's not the right person they'll just be out a little bit of time and they'll be weird they can go on and they'll never know that you call that you may tell us who the right person was and you could be the person that helps us to solve this horrible crime. Mica play the clip. Please.

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