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Excited to talk to today's guest because I really respect her work. I'm here with doctor and chippy. Who is a powerhouse on a very powerful mission to help people across the world live their healthiest lives? Using cutting edge science really specific the big research and genetic information to treat the root causes of disease she specializes in environmental texts toxicity preconception and reproductive health and mold exposure exposure and. She's designed life altering treatments and protocols for her patients using EPA genetic information which is the study of DNA expression and the bodies incredible ability to express or repress helpful or detrimental genes as well as prevent he'll and even reverse certain illnesses. She's a fascinating background. She was an IBM engineer for a decade decade and then her challenging experience traditional medicine motivated her to search for her own health answers. She left engineering to attend the University of Texas Medical School in his now board. Certified in internal medicine and a certified functional medicine physician with a practice in Austin Texas. If you live there I cannot recommend her highly enough. Gosh she's the author of two books in his currently working on her third. And I know that you're GonNa love this episode we go really deep on mold exposure micro-toxins and what you need to know to make sure that you don't have any underlying problems in your home that you're not aware of doctorship you welcome. Thanks for being here so excited to be here. I am so excited to chat with you. Because as you are an expert on many many things but I know that you both have personal experience and expertise in an area. I get a lot of questions about and I want to jump into today. which is mold mycotoxin mycotoxin exposure? And I know that you have a story a personal story and I would love to start there because I think this is a growing awareness about this and people are realizing they might have a problem. But but there's also probably a lot of us who don't even realize we have a problem but we might so. Can you start with a personal story. Yes I was Already practicing sync functional medicine. You know where you're where I'm looking for the root cause of illness and I had gone to a conference on micro-toxins about a year before but I didn't know what was happening to me so I was getting sicker and sicker. I had gotten to the point where I would draw a glass. If it was full of water is a a bright arm was so weak. I couldn't even grasp it fully. My hair was falling out all over the bathroom. I had so much pain in my body that I didn't want my kids to hug me hurt so badly and I I couldn't wear my heels anymore because my right foot hurt so much and and I was really getting scared I I was starting to wonder if I was going to be able to take care of my patients kids myself and and I had sought out experts. I've been to a neurologist. Immunologist Hands Specialists Internists. Ed reached out to my friends in the actual medicine community and was really getting stumped and then one day when a my patience was that I was treating for environmental toxicity issues during great but she just looked across the table at me and I thought I had it all kinda covered. But she's like doctorship he. I think you're really sick. I think I I know my intuition is telling me it's something that I had gone. Through which is toxic mold exposure to a specific mold called to him and she left me so much shave as insisting on coming to my house at the end of the day to go walk through and see if she got her mold symptoms and so sure enough that day she came to my a house walk through it and within in five to ten minutes she was really not feeling well and had to leave. And the this is what happens to me concerto medium. You should take very few of your belongings and leave and not ever spend another night here and I was so scared that I did exactly what she suggested justed. I went and took my kids and started staying at my parents house and really amped up my detoxification support and started to feel better and finally any Like a month later after doing several of the wrong kinds of mold tested the right one in the right place in the house and found that she you tell me well. That's amazing especially because I know like you as a functional medicine naturally like you already know all the stuff to do and I'm sure you were living very clean lifestyles also the fact that you're still sick. That's really like like points to some other kind of issue. Are there kind of walk us through. What some of the comments are when it comes to motor and I know that there's probably all the arranged but like both the ones you experienced other people might experience cats so a lot of times people will just feel like they're more tired? They don't have the energy to do the things that they need need to do. Or their brain will fill a little foggy or they'll be getting skin rashes or little bit digestive upset and then on the more severe side when we go looking for the root causes zip illnesses it can be things like what's triggering your autoimmune disorder. What caused cancer? What triggered the diabetes? So it often is the root caused illness but the early symptoms are just maybe feeling a little bit more tired or here might be falling out more readily as digestive zip symptoms headaches or even more like the allergy symptoms so I had to go through mold again a few years later and actually it was a brand new home that I I was living in. I just started developing worsening allergies and asthma. Gotch and I know that those are relatively common now as well so you mentioned. It took several rounds of testing before you were able to actually locate it and I have heard this experience from others as well who even a neighbor of ours got really sick. They did multiple tests and then finally were able to tight like find and identify the mold and then it was a long process to remediate What kind of testing did you finally worked? Are there different kinds of tests for different things. That's such a great question and I think it's a little overwhelming for for people to be listening and taking notes so we do have a mauled handout. That we can have you put in your. Yeah no it's. It's just an chippy. MD DOT com slash mold so A lot at even inspectors that are out there are still not up upon the latest technology so a negative mall test means nothing the a Lotta. The inspectors are doing air testing and a lot of these. He's really toxic. Mold don't put enough mold spores into the air. They're big heavy and they just kinda dropped down to where they're close to where they're growing. So Ah it misses him so if you do an air sampling Dustin. It's positive for any of the the more toxic molds really pay attention to that so like ecstatic bosterous and she told me him Things like Whoa Alenia Okra toxin penicillin if those show up. Pay Attention But what I really like to do or samples on the dust so getting as much dust from the building. Whether it's an officer home or a school get as much dust and then do the DNA testing rather than just doing the visual inspections or the culture said the Sometimes they're called an army Task but the army is just really a calculation of what DNA was there of the mold and then find somebody. That's really good. It being the house. Detectives I think about myself as being the good body. Detective like figuring out. What's going on find somebody? Who's who takes mold seriously that they ed protect themselves with the Respirator and the Clothing that will protect them so they really know that mold can be a problem and then have them. You know pull out the the refrigerator and sometimes even have to go into the wall. Cavities and with a Camera to look to see what's going on. They climb up in the attic and they look to see if things are sealed properly to not leave any stone unturned. Because because you don't want to have had the wrong result and have a hidden problem. which is what often happens? The inspectors come in and say oh no everything everything looks good and then you've really miss the big problem to explain a little bit more on why to test the dust because I know from research but you know does can be a source of the home of many things but why are test the dust versus test the home itself.

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