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The super bowl. or what. i guess we're supposed to refer to it as the big game or some such the the rules on that are so stupid. In any event. I want to begin with a political story. It is and it is it. But it's close to home for me. I went to Mercy university here. In making i actually so i got a scholarship when i was in highschool got a scholarship to duke and my dad and i were going to look at different colleges and my mom i taken the. Act not the sat. and i'd gotten a guide to regional colleges. Shorter was in their was in. Their mercer was in there and Mississippi college was in there Firm and was in there and and my mom wanted me to go through making the baptist school At the time kirby godsey who my wife went on to work for his assistant awhile he's had when i was real little had been a pasture in norwood louisiana not far from where i was and i distinctly remember one of my first memories of church actually ironically was going to hear him preach with my grandmother in norwood and that he was the president of mercer at the time mercer was let me use air quotes for baptist so i went to the people very nice. I ultimately found my way to do in. The people. Were just absolutely incredibly rude. And i wound up going to mercer. I was from a small town. They didn't want to go to a big school anyway. Wasn't wanted to go that far away from home got a good deal for mercer. Undergrad stayed and went to law school. was that the law school for three years was the president of the student bar association. graduated with honors became a lawyer. I'd probably still be a lawyer. But there was a thing called client and they were awful. And i hated dealing with them and so i wanted to find a way out. Red stated taken off anyway so i went to mercer law school. I actually Went back several years ago to give a speech in after the the administrator who walked into the room left The students had very perplexed. Look on their face and informed me that This particular administrator told them. I was not the type of alumnus. They wanted on campus. Not to invite me back. i haven't been back. That's probably been gosh ten years ago. I haven't spoken to the law. School sense Spoke to the mercer undergrad for their founders event founders day event and my goodness when a concert when a when a progressive comes on campus they can get away with murder on campus. It's like trump and his supporters on fifth avenue. A progressive can gun someone down on campus and the women and gender studies. Professors will applaud as long as they they either kill the child or a or a white man The women industries professors. Go we have a conservative. Come on campus. And oh you would've thought that that i was burning the place down it was it was my goodness now. I love the administration mercer bill. Underwood the there is a is a fantastic president of my wife worked archer godsey. And they'll kathy cox the former secretary of state..

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