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Thought that We didn't. I don't know how to surname but the bond girl from specter this leah's So she's a woman played mallon's won it. I liked her intro ramming mount ramy rabie. Alex ray malik character but rainy malik just isn't a bond villain for me. He's better than ounce. Blow feld is better than a green but still not good. He's just done it for me. He's an awesome actor time and somebody. I wanna see more things. But he just doesn't land. The motivation doesn't really fit because he's not noticing or angry. Basically just hitler which is an awful comparison but that's not anything new. I mean the russian guy was taunting. No me and say. I can eradicate your west african culture in like heartbeat god. That's that's really dark a lot white hitler. So link the we've we've had plenty of movies with hitler's villain before. I did not really want them to turn it this way but they did. And that's really the only comparison. I can think but that doesn't make it a good like a good deal has better motivations than just you know that. Yeah so. I've sat on this for for two days now. Usually at right my reviews. Today's after just so. I can realized statement. Think about it for a little bit So i'm pretty confident in in my score for this one and what i feel about it. So would you think. I okay so we went to the new theater to watch it. Go not new but a different theater. it was. It was like a theater in like shopping mall. it wasn't bad but there was this dude behind me. And every time they crack a joke in the movie he had like the laugh. You know what i mean. Yeah so every time like every like fifteen twenty minutes when they say something sort of funny he's like i was like oh dear god and then there's one woman to my left. She didn't turn off her phone. And you could hear the stupid android notification like the me one..

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