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Story this sounds very fake this this whole story it bring him back magnum pi you can't bring back magnum pi it was all tom selleck gets all tom selleck not now the volcanoes tom selleck became very very popular that he was really hot and that's why they create created the series to be tom selleck and they put in hawaii just so he could wear shorts and t shirts and tank tops and drive around in that got some young hot actor that could play the parts nobody that's really the thompson forget tom selleck was in memory was in magnum p nut he was in the rockford files yeah he became a regular in the rockford files that's what really got them going besides he was in the marlborough ads and all that he played the greatest character and the rockford files it was like the best looking guy in the world and you've got all the brakes on earth in everything while rockford was struggling the did like thirty episodes together is really great so you can't bring magnum pi back without celik just like you couldn't bring roseanne back without roseanne it's the same problem changing james bond how it successful well that's true although not always you could argue timothy dalton wasn't that successful and daniel craig would be successful well but only because the james von formula died it didn't work it wasn't working it was dying so they had a switch the whole formula said it went a whole different direction daniel craig was unlike the other james bond who were suave and charming and funny and witty this guy he looks like the villain he's he's a very nasty cold blooded guy so but the old formula didn't work you know this guy who says to the waiter you know he orders the martini shaken not stirred first of all you're lucky if the waiter even comes back you'd think he's gonna get this order right stirred or it didn't make any sense he was supposed to be a secret agent in the movie anytime you walk into a hotel or anyway pulls up the hotel doorman goes mr bond how are you and everybody knows the guy not everyone the.

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