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To me, if you go back and look at how I've done that twice before, how Lamar Jackson played. He played better when they had all the tight ends on the field. So let's bring that back. I know you're a little upset with us because we got rid of Hollywood, but I think they actually made it where the game can be better and easier for Lamar Jackson by adding these tight ends to go with the guy there. So we've talked about this before about one of the things that they do and their track record is they double up at positions. So when you go back through and look through their history and you look at the tight end position, they did it with pitta and Dixon, I believe, right? The first hit it. And then they came in first. James Hearst. Hayden Hurst, yeah. James Hearst to tackle. By the North Carolina I saw a clowny plague in search of the game. But yeah, so that's their philosophy. What's a draft that stood out to you? Yeah, look, I think the Houston Texans, you know, we talked about it at the top with stinging green as their first round picks, but I really loved what they did on day two. They went with Jalen Petrie, got some speed there at safety to replace Justin Reed, who ended up leaving. And then you get John metchie kind of add into as maybe a little bit more of your middle of the field receiver. You got Nico Collins last year, a little bit of the physical big, bigger body guy, and then you already got the speedster extending Brandon cook. So I think it's a contract extension for the first time in his career. So I thought that was nice. Then Christian Harris upgrades that the athleticism at linebacker because remember, Zach Cunningham, they just straight up cut in the middle of the season last year. And so he kind of fills that void. I even really liked it. Damien pierce pulling a China chop kind of running back there. He needed a little bit more in the run game production. He had 13 touchdowns, had more rushing yards against that stout Georgia defense than any running back did. In this entire draft. So I think that really helps him in the fourth round. Thomas Booker is a guy that we kind of liked as a solid smart player to be up there on the defensive line. You know, maybe on the interior there for lovey Smith there in the 5th round. So I thought they did real good. If I could just give you a quick honorable mention for Tina didn't have a first round pick that I thought did really well. Three of my favorite players go to the Indianapolis Colts with Alec pierce, jelani Woods at tight end and Bernard ryman at tackle. Yeah, and if you look at all the athletic scores in terms of taking way up there. Big time. That's something Chris Bauer's into. You think about the traits they got very athletic.

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